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Plans filed for the rejuvenation of a landmark Glasgow college tower

April 8 2020

Plans filed for the rejuvenation of a landmark Glasgow college tower

An application to remodel Glasgow’s B-listed Metropolitan Tower for office use has been filed by Cooper Cromar Architects, including demolition of an attached podium building to provide a 260-bed hotel and serviced apartments.

Significant internal remodelling of the landmark will see the partitioned floorplates opened up to provide 120,000sq/ft of grade A office space. Period features such as Travertine, Vitrolite and natural stone finishes in the lavish main reception will be retained as will floor finishes, balustrades, timber bulkheads and escape doors within the stair cores.

A flying staircase connecting the 13th and 14th floor will also be preserved by the planned work, creating a lofty double-height office environment with a terrace and viewing gallery overlooking George Square.

Externally curtain walling will be replaced with paint finishes to be stripped off and all exposed concrete to be cleaned and repaired as necessary.

A landscaped courtyard will connect old and new elements with the steep topography of the city centre site utilised to bury a market hall and leisure space below, connecting directly to the main reception and entrance off North Hanover Street and North Frederick Street.

Will Hean, development director at Osborne+Co, commented: “Undoubtedly, the city’s economy will face challenges over the coming weeks and months, but we are determined to underline our commitment to the city by progressing with the application and using the time we have now to ensure we are in a position to move forward when circumstances allow.”

The former college building rebranded as the Met Tower to signify its £100m rebirth.


#1 Posted by E=mc2 on 8 Apr 2020 at 15:57 PM
So far so average.

Details of the hotel seem to be missing or else forms part of a separate application
#2 Posted by george on 8 Apr 2020 at 16:55 PM
I really hoped that the redevelopment would see the terrible roof carbuncle removed or covered in some way but alas it doesn't seem to be.
#3 Posted by David on 9 Apr 2020 at 08:43 AM
#2 the sculptural elements on the roof are what gives the building it's unique character, love them or loath them. They are a direct nod to Le Corbusier, and to lose them would lose much of the quality of the original design.
The Bairn
#4 Posted by The Bairn on 9 Apr 2020 at 13:35 PM
Well I think its a great idea (box ticked)
Jury still out for approval (or not) of interior design and basically everything else.
#5 Posted by Billy on 10 Apr 2020 at 09:07 AM
This is one modern building that I do like. And the additions on the top make it a landmark building in Glasgow. Probably one of the few modern buildings easily recognised as being part of Glasgow. On the other hand I hate that building in front of it on George Square. Wish they would tear it down and put up something more interesting. Think it was built late 70s early 80s . Like so many from that time, it has not aged well.
#6 Posted by David on 10 Apr 2020 at 17:00 PM
#5, totally agree. This is one of the few instances where I would like to see the original occupant of the site rebuilt. Not in a terrible pastiche way, but spending a bit of money to do a proper reconstruction, as was done in many German cities after the war.

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