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Aberdeen green lights more affordable housing

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March 25 2020

Aberdeen green lights more affordable housing

Aberdeen City Council has cleared the way for delivery of 92 flats on Auchmill Road, accelerating the transformation of the transport corridor from a commercial zone to residential usage.

The mix of single and multiple aspect apartments have been designed by EMA to stand on a former commercial vehicle forecourt, helping to address a shortage of affordable homes in the city and benefit from a presumption in favour of urban brownfield development.

Contrasting brick gable features are proposed to puncture the building plane and framing private gardens for ground floor flats.

Granting consent the case officer wrote: “Whilst the footprint/depth of the proposed blocks (c. 20m), is approximately twice that of traditional dual aspect tenement buildings and therefore presents significant amenity challenges in terms of sustainable design (e.g. sunlight/daylight penetration / natural ventilation) the scheme has been creatively designed to minimise the apparent depth of the blocks and to introduce significant modelling of their frontages.”

Incorporating a communal open space and play area the family-friendly apartments will complement other ongoing housing proposals in the area.

A pedestrian link will provide access to the A96
A pedestrian link will provide access to the A96
There are currently 5,000 people on a waiting list for social housing in Aberdeen
There are currently 5,000 people on a waiting list for social housing in Aberdeen


#1 Posted by StyleCouncil on 26 Mar 2020 at 16:07 PM
Truly dreadful.
Substance over Style
#2 Posted by Substance over Style on 26 Mar 2020 at 17:02 PM
Aye ….. providing much needed affordable housing for people to live in is ….. truly dreadful.

I just cant think why they weren't battering down the doors of the Starchitects in order to deliver something truly special on this Industrial site.

Just short sighted in my book

#3 Posted by Stylecouncil on 26 Mar 2020 at 21:16 PM
@2 Apologies, I seemed to have rubbed that massive chip on your shoulder. Any specific reason why “much needed affordable housing’ can’t have a modicum of design effort?
#4 Posted by CM on 27 Mar 2020 at 10:08 AM
It could be worse. It's the A96 which is the real scar on this area of Aberdeen.

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