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Bucksburn homes to address housing need

September 27 2019

Bucksburn homes to address housing need

Disused industrial units at Auchmill Road, Aberdeen, could be swept away in favour of 92 affordable apartments under plans brought forward by EMA.

The Bucksburn address is under the ownership of First Endeavour and sits within an established residential area defined by mature tree belts and a linear pattern of development.

Responding to this context the masterplan calls for the creation of three distinct blocks sheltered by retained and reinforced woodland with landscaped open space to the south.

Articulating their design response EMA wrote: “The architecture and materials are traditionally Scottish with simple forms and pitched roofs. There is also an opportunity to adopt a more Scandinavian approach with colours and larger windows. The use of brick is appropriate given the proximity of old paper mills at Mugiemoss, Stoneywood and Grandholm.”
Built to a density of 75 homes per hectare the scheme takes its massing cue from an existing block of flats to the immediate south.


Mark Johnston
#1 Posted by Mark Johnston on 30 Sep 2019 at 14:13 PM
OMG !!!! look at the application on the councils planning portal. Awful Awful Awful. Lots and lots of single aspect flats. A trip back to the 1970's. The Architects coloured images look nothing like the dull planning elevations. Forgive me but this looks like over development to me. Creating antisocial problems for the future. How awful.
broken windaes
#2 Posted by broken windaes on 30 Sep 2019 at 17:01 PM
#1 even the caravan park next door has dual aspect views...

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