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Woodside active travel network takes shape

March 3 2020

Woodside active travel network takes shape

Glasgow City Council has commenced work on an £8m active travel project to reimagine pedestrian and cycle movements around the city’s north west.

Connecting Charing Cross through Garscube, Woodlands and St George’s Road the public realm project will plug into previous improvements made to Sauchiehall Street and Port Dundas by deprioritizing vehicle movements through redesigned crossings and introduction of infrastructure such as electric car charging points and bike hire stations.

Delivered through Sustrans the first phase of this plan will see a segregated 1km cycle lane routed along Garscube Road as early as this autumn to encourage greater uptake of cycling by ensuring it is a viable method of transport.

Incorporating raised junctions, controlled crossings and a bus-stop bypass the route will eliminate conflict between cyclists and other travellers by providing an alternative to a congested tow path along the Forth & Clyde Canal.

The wider project is due for completion in 2021 and includes improved paving such as a proposed boulevard along North Woodside Road.

Public realm enhancements will improve the atteractiveness of walking and cycling
Public realm enhancements will improve the atteractiveness of walking and cycling
The full project is expected to complete in 2021
The full project is expected to complete in 2021


#1 Posted by Hilloch on 3 Mar 2020 at 10:40 AM
It is important for GCC to act upon the momentum they have built through the south city way, but also to learn from the one or two things they have not quite got right in that project, i.e. some of the junctions not quite working well and completely unnecessary guardrails.
On the whole though, good to see. I would think that if any city or major economy is to act in any even slightly meaningful way upon c02 reduction targets then there has to be improved cycle infrastructure suitable for all ages implemented and fast - so we need much more like this please GCC, and other Scottish cities and towns please take note!
#2 Posted by ffs on 3 Mar 2020 at 10:56 AM
Totally agree Hilloch. Hope GCC can get junctions working properly this time with Dutch-style steep ramp kerbs for side street junctions and such like. Very pleased to see this important missing link being built. Hope to see much more of this in the near future!
#3 Posted by wonky on 3 Mar 2020 at 11:20 AM
Welcome sustainable infrastructure proposals for a much neglected area of the city/Garscube & New City Road should both be key nodes into-from City-West End- Garscube Road in particular needs radical urban interventions to increase street level activity & to have eyes on the street (there have been very recent serious assaults in the area, & is essentially a no-go area for most sensible people)- is there for example a plan to line Garscube Road up to Possil Road/St Georges Rd with residential blocks looking onto the streets? The decision to locate the Speirs Locks Studios 'sheds' looking onto the road were a huge mistake- but there is still an opportunity to save the area with the right topological interventions & the necessary density for a resurgent urban area on the edge of the city- it really wouldn't take a great deal to make this location very desirable, particularly when one examines both the topography of the general area & its advantageous proximity between West End/CC.
Hopefully these infrastructure investments will unlock some demand for residential units in the area.
#4 Posted by JS on 6 Mar 2020 at 15:31 PM
Does anyone know who the contractor is delivering the project for GCC?

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