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Shawlands townhouses to be returned to former grandeur

January 7 2019

Shawlands townhouses to be returned to former grandeur

Kelvin Properties with Holmes Miller Architects are to rejuvenate a row of seven townhouses at Camphill Avenue in Glasgow’s south side, by stripping back later additions to leave 21 flats.

A rationalised plan will see each townhouse given over to maisonette’s at ground and roof level, with a single flat on the first floor, made possible by the introduction of a new attic level.

Detailing their approach the architects wrote: “The existing townhouses of 10-22 Camphill Avenue are currently tired in their appearance, and are in need of some attention in order to bring them back to their former glory. There are also a number of dormers of differing shapes and sizes dotted sporadically across its roofscape.

“In addition to reconfiguring the internal layouts of the properties, a full restoration and refurbishment of the building will be carried out. This is to include stone cleaning and repair, window replacement in keeping with the character of the building, a new slate roof as well as providing a consistent line of dormers along the facade.”

A rear lane will also be resurfaced as part of the package of work, with boundary walls removed to facilitate the creation of 21 parking bays with refuse bins grouped within one secure enclosure.

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#1 Posted by Jonjo on 8 Jan 2019 at 16:43 PM
Could I point out, yet again, that nouns in English are pluralised by adding an "s" or an "es", not an "'s" (apostrophe s). Thus, "maisonette's" in line 6 should be simply "maisonettes". Time was when a Scottish child in Primary 4 would not have needed to be corrected on so simple a point.

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