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Delivery of new homes accelerates at Chapelton

January 7 2019

Delivery of new homes accelerates at Chapelton

Property developer ZeroC is to build an additional phase of homes at Chapelton in Aberdeenshire after securing planning permission for the expansion.

This comes ahead of the expected opening of a 94 home ‘retirement community’ in the town this spring which will include a variety of technology and facilities designed to promote a healthy and active lifestyle.

Alastair Struthers, development and sales manager at ZeroC, remarked: “As the demand for homes in the town remains steady, we will continue to meet this with a selection of high-quality new homes that are both energy efficient and well connected. We’re sure that this will bring a variety of new residents to the town.”

Chapelton is being delivered by three housebuilders; AJC, Stephen and ZeroC, who will together deliver 4,000 new homes arranged around a neighbourhood centre and High Street designed by Brooks Murray Architects.

Chapelton is the largest New Town currently planned in Scotland
Chapelton is the largest New Town currently planned in Scotland
New homes now radiate out from a central square
New homes now radiate out from a central square


Andrew Fletcher of Saltoun
#1 Posted by Andrew Fletcher of Saltoun on 7 Jan 2019 at 14:14 PM
As the 64th comment on Chapelton on UR since Sept 2013, I guess it's really all been said. However, I'd just like to reiterate that the notion of authentic towns being 'designed' by Architects is a nonsense and especially not 17th century ones. That said, at least the historical re-enactment society of the orange walk would fit in well here.

In the heady days of the 70s this sort of jape would be commonly referred to as being a 'venereal disease'. Maybe that is the true measure of how far we've come in this post-post-ironic-modernist brave old world we live in.

Clearly an exemplar of Cultural mis-appropriation if ever I saw it and don't the British just excel at it.

God save the King!
Chris Ditchfield
#2 Posted by Chris Ditchfield on 8 Jan 2019 at 14:30 PM
@Andrew - clearly you know nothing of the culture of the North East - there's little by way of religious intolerance and certainly no Orange Walks.

4000 homes on 810 acres in a style that some might find twee is at least a major deveklopment providfing carbon neutral homes and loads of jobs.
#3 Posted by Andrew. on 8 Jan 2019 at 15:31 PM
The illustration in my point was merely to show the cultural absurdity of the whole pseudo-ethos of the development.
And a happy new year to you, Chris.
Q. Why are people on occasion rude on this site and criticise contributors for things they never even mentioned? What's that about?

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