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Edinburgh’s Western Harbour secures council backing

October 11 2018

Edinburgh’s Western Harbour secures council backing

Edinburgh City Council has given its consent to a revised design framework for 1,600 homes at Western Harbour in Leith.

Their backing clears the way for Forth Ports to deliver a masterplan prepared by RankinFraser and 7N Architects which will also include a park, primary school, shops and waterfront promenade.

Charles Hammond, Forth Ports group chief executive, said: “Forth Ports and Rettie & Co. have been working together for over two years on these proposals that will result in the delivery of a community of 1600 mid-market rental home and park which should also create the setting for the new primary school for the area.

“Work is well underway preparing a full planning application in readiness for submission before the end of February 2019.”

Construction is expected to get underway by late 2019 with occupation of the first properties anticipated by 2020/21.

Homes will be raised above a garden deck to conceal off-street parking
Homes will be raised above a garden deck to conceal off-street parking


#1 Posted by Matt on 11 Oct 2018 at 13:10 PM
FFS why are the buildings so blocky and anonymous looking. You would think a 'design'' framework would promote a more positive and animated strategy.
The layout feels fairly standard too...just the same old urban perimeter block, bit of extra height on the corner, massive foreheaded parapet roof and a wee bit of variation on the brick finish. Bish- Bash- Bosh.
#2 Posted by basho on 11 Oct 2018 at 13:23 PM
This proposal is a vast improvement on the utter mincefest at Western Harbour built thus far. (I worked on all three towers at one point, so I share the blame.)
I just hope the designs don't all get diluted to guffery by developers, as happened with 'Platinum Point' and 'The Pinnacle'.
#3 Posted by TepidMouse on 11 Oct 2018 at 14:25 PM
If sea levels rise as they are expected to, the ground floor of these “apartments” will be underwater more than they will be dry! Brave people buying a flat out yonder!

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