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Peel entice Glasgow Harbour tenants with ‘experience’ shopping pledge

August 15 2018

Peel entice Glasgow Harbour tenants with ‘experience’ shopping pledge

Peel Lifestyle Outlets have begun the hunt for tenants to populate a £100m mixed-use development at Glasgow Harbour with the appointment of Savills and Johnstone Property.

The statement of intent follows a recent planning submission for the waterfront scheme which will include 100 shops, 20 restaurants and cafes, a cinema, events space and promenade, complete with a pedestrian link to the Transport Museum.

Savills’ Head of National Retail, Stuart Moncur said: “As shopping habits continue to change and new trends evolve, the popularity of lifestyle outlets which not only offer discounted prices, but an all-encompassing experience, will continue to thrive.”

Designs drawn up by architects ADF illustrate a ‘kit of parts’ solution to allow various elements to be mixed and matched to create a varied streetscene of bays and pitched gables clad in brick, timber and metal.

Landscape design is being undertaken by Gillespies
Landscape design is being undertaken by Gillespies
The 74-acre site will be bissected by a series of new pedestrian routes
The 74-acre site will be bissected by a series of new pedestrian routes


#1 Posted by EM0 on 15 Aug 2018 at 10:36 AM
This will be disastorous for the city centre, can we not have landscaping and a public realm like this int he city centre asnd forget about this idea! It will be catastrophic for the centre !
#2 Posted by Ghost on 15 Aug 2018 at 10:42 AM
I kinda like these visuals, gives a sense of the scheme, but also keeps it vague enough for this stage, which is quite appropriate....though I'm not sure what i am looking at exactly. Photos of models, or a computer model rendered to look like a physical model?....pretty sure its the latter.
#3 Posted by Billy on 15 Aug 2018 at 10:43 AM
Looks good...but 100 shops and 20 restaurants when there are so many vacant city centre units? Can Glasgow sustain this amount of shops. With Braehead, the Fort, Silverburn, the Forge, Clydebank shopping centre , East Kilbride , the city centre and retail parks dotted here and there, something has to give. Not to mention the already competitive restaurant market. Does look very good though.
#4 Posted by John on 15 Aug 2018 at 11:42 AM
Maybe there will be a homebase, marks and spencer, a house of frasers... Oh thats right they are all closing stores because of the retail slump. It does look good but two words sping to mind white elephant
#5 Posted by StyleCouncil on 15 Aug 2018 at 11:56 AM
'B O U L E V A R D' by Peel 'Lifestyle Outlets'....enough said.
This project doesn't nothing to reinforce or enhance the quality of the city…in any way.
No amount of token (and intensely mediocre) architectural make up- louvred screens, gable ends, timber cladding or cute little plastic people can polish a big out of town, out dated, retail park turd.

Gandalf the Pink
#6 Posted by Gandalf the Pink on 15 Aug 2018 at 12:10 PM
This may or may not have a negative effect on the city centre of Glasgow - Sauchiehall Street appears to be a lost cause and Buchanan Street/Galleries is strong enough to fight the competition. The Merchant City - I worry for it.

More of a concern is the effect it will have on the Byres Road, Dumbarton Road and Finnieston Areas.
#7 Posted by FHM on 15 Aug 2018 at 13:33 PM
Ah Glasgow City Council, if you are not celebrating streets and statues of slaver owners, you are acting negligent when A-listed buildings burn down twice or encouraging this pap to be constructed. You are becoming as bad as Aberdeen City Council.
#8 Posted by Billy on 15 Aug 2018 at 20:24 PM
Glasgow could and should build another bridge over the Clyde at this point connecting North and South. This new shopping area could take business away from Braehead and Renfrewshire council. I have always disliked Braehead as a shopping destination . Difficult to park, eating places like school canteen and don’t like the layout. This would be a far better destination and more accessible for more people. If we could only move Ikea to somewhere more accessible within the Glasgow boundaries.
#9 Posted by Ikeaman on 16 Aug 2018 at 10:47 AM
#8 Billy, Ikea is never located within the 'main' city boundaries. Taking Ikea out of Braehead will sign a death warrant on it instantly.
#10 Posted by George on 16 Aug 2018 at 11:43 AM
I like the looks of this proposal. If it is anything like Gunwharf Quay in Portsmouth it could be a huge success and it sounds a bit more than a standard shopping centre from what I've seen.
Walt Disney
#11 Posted by Walt Disney on 16 Aug 2018 at 12:16 PM
Looks a bit too self conciously hipster. Trying to create a Pike Place in Whiteinch.

Surely though this is what happens when you declare war on cars without introducing a viable alternative at the same time. City centres will need to reinvent themselves.
#12 Posted by Opportunist on 16 Aug 2018 at 14:24 PM
Make it more Waitrose/Zegna/Moet than ASDA/JD/Buckie and I'm all in. A proper opposite to what Glasgow Fort has to offer.
Dr Syntax
#13 Posted by Dr Syntax on 17 Aug 2018 at 13:20 PM
If this provides retail/restaurants and social space for Glasgow Harbour (where the only current retail/cafe facility is Arnold Clark) plus adds further residential units, plus acknowledges the significance of private transport, there must be an opportunity for something here. But a full-fat shopping centre? That needs credible tenants and who is going to sign up for the rents that that thing would require, with retail looking into the abyss?

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