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Glasgow Cathedral toilet block earmarked as dining destination

March 15 2018

Glasgow Cathedral toilet block earmarked as dining destination
Line Architecture are to rescue a Victorian public convenience from obscurity by capitalising on its close proximity to Glasgow Cathedral and transform it into a modest 70sq/m café.

This will see the sandstone structure retained and repurposed through removal of a large water tank contained within a mansard roof, with a range of double pitched glazed rooflights reinstated, transforming the dank interior into an open and light-filled environment.

In a design statement Line wrote: “The existing building is currently in a dilapidated state and the park itself is suffering from a lack of use. There is very limited food and drink offers in this part of Glasgow and what is available is not of the highest quality. For the sheer number of visitors to this small area of Glasgow there is very little in the way of quality infrastructure that other European tourist destination routinely have. We would hope that the redeveloped Cathedral Square toilets will be a busy, vibrant and high-quality business showcasing the best of Glasgow to an international audience.”

Externally roofing felt will be replaced by standing seam copper while outdoor seating will be introduced to make better use of an underutilised park at Cathedral Square.

Similar proposals were lodged to carve out a café from disused toilets in Kelvingrove.


#1 Posted by Yaldy on 15 Mar 2018 at 13:12 PM
Good, get it started. John Knox street is actually a really nice walk, especially on a sunny day. I've also spotted a temporary coffee stand next to the Tardis at the top of the street. The motorway junction and the volume of traffic really spoil this part of town. At least this cafe proposal is somewhat set back from the main road fronting the Royal Infirmary.
#2 Posted by Charlie_ on 15 Mar 2018 at 14:12 PM
Cool idea. Anything that adds a wee bit of life and activity to this part of town is very welcome.
#3 Posted by Sven on 16 Mar 2018 at 10:03 AM
A glass extension to the roof to bring light in would help - at the moment the proposed design is very boring looking. If I was in the area I would not be enticed to look at eating there. There are why not open it up and capture them?

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