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Planning secured for build-to-rent Glasgow neighbourhood

March 14 2018

Planning secured for build-to-rent Glasgow neighbourhood
Moda & Apache Capital Partners have obtained planning consent, clearing the way for delivery of 433 build-to-rent homes on the site of the former Strathclyde Police HQ in Glasgow City Centre.

Holland Park is set to move on-site later this year will include 45,000sq/ft of amenity space focussed on a new public courtyard, ringed by four buildings ranging in height from six to 22 storeys.

Also on offer will be a residents lounge, virtual sports simulators, a health and wellness suite, landscaped roof gardens and an BBQ area to ensure tenants make the most of their time in the development.

Tenants will also be able to call on a 24-hour concierge and report faults or organise on-site events by way of a custom app.
Richard Jackson, co-founder and managing director of Apache Capital Partners, said: “We are delighted to have successfully secured our planning application for the complete regeneration of the old Metropolitan Police Headquarters, our first planning consent in Scotland.

"The across the board support we have received from both central and local government has been critical in delivering this consent and a great endorsement of our landmark scheme. Holland Park’s stunning design and facilities will transform the local rental market in Glasgow, whilst helping to breathe new life into the surrounding neighbourhood.”

Valued at £120m the first homes in the HAUS-Collective designed project won’t be available for occupation until 2022.


The somnambulist
#1 Posted by The somnambulist on 14 Mar 2018 at 12:53 PM
Mad perspective on that image. Looks like something from Cabinet of Dr Caligary, but without all the excitement. It is murder though...
#2 Posted by Graham on 14 Mar 2018 at 15:54 PM
Now try that same render with a grey sky. I wish we'd stop constructing buildings with dark facades in Scotland.
Gandalf the Pink
#3 Posted by Gandalf the Pink on 14 Mar 2018 at 18:39 PM
Finally, some residential property in the city centre, with some height thrown in.

#4 Posted by Billy on 14 Mar 2018 at 18:56 PM
#2. Totally agree. Would love some colour on the skyline. If it’s good enough for Bergen, why not Glasgow and it’s grey skies? There is an interesting colourful building near Shaftesbury Avenue in London.
#5 Posted by Mungo on 14 Mar 2018 at 21:46 PM
Get it built and let glasgow flourish. Too many empty site, empty buildings in the city centre. It needs people to bustle..
Jems Hepburn
#6 Posted by Jems Hepburn on 14 Mar 2018 at 22:47 PM
They must have saved money on an architect. No imagination like the guy who runs it.
#7 Posted by Ally on 14 Mar 2018 at 23:23 PM
Shame they were forced to reduce the height
#8 Posted by TepidMouse on 15 Mar 2018 at 14:15 PM
2 & 4 - not sure I agree. If it were metallic grey like the BBC building then yes. However, it looks similar to the recently refurbished Dakota Deluxe Hotel on Blythswood Hill and I think it looks fantastic!
#9 Posted by Ollieman on 15 Mar 2018 at 17:24 PM
Where are the usual extreme negative comments? This deserves real criticism! What a total load of C_ _ P.
Mbasa Ritchie
#10 Posted by Mbasa Ritchie on 15 Mar 2018 at 21:41 PM
#9 skools back so run along. I'm with #7 lets get some height in this city.
#11 Posted by Bonvivant on 16 Mar 2018 at 11:30 AM
#9 Agreed
#10 Making up for personal inadequacy?
#12 Posted by critic on 16 Mar 2018 at 15:55 PM
Moda-rn slum in 3.. 2.. 1..

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