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Stobhill Hospital wards off capacity constraints

March 1 2018

Stobhill Hospital wards off capacity constraints
NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde have specified a twin 20-bed ward unitand associated facilities to expand its acute adult and elderly care capacity at Stobhill Hospital.

Keppie have been appointed to a design team including Austin:Smith-Lord serving as landscape architects with the aim of giving some coherence to the ad-hoc hospital grounds by respecting existing building lines and framing views of its distinctive B-listed water tower.

Adopting a feature corner to address the elevated prominence of its site the resulting building adopts a simple linear form of minimalist multi-tone brick punctured by regularly spaced dark aluminium window frames.

Outlining their approach to the principal east corner Keppie wrote: “Where the buildings turn their east corner a play in the texture of the brick plane (protrusions and perforations) is employed to convey the significance of these areas within the scheme.

“The bedroom windows form a key element of the buildings’ elevations. They perform a number of roles - they provide verticality to the horizontal planes, add relief to the elevations and accommodate the specialist reduced ligature windows of each bedroom. The rigorous pattern of their repetition follows the efficiency of the internal plan.”

The hard-edged exterior is softened through use of timber at entrance recesses and an internal courtyard.
Areas of high interaction are faced with more tactile timber
Areas of high interaction are faced with more tactile timber
The addition seeks to work with the existing character of the campus
The addition seeks to work with the existing character of the campus


#1 Posted by Ollieman on 1 Mar 2018 at 17:18 PM
Image 3 of 3 shows off the fenestration detailing and the massing quite well. Can the standing seam roofing over the main areas have a lower pitch? seems excessive for something that is generally not seen. Maybe the entrance could be improved but generally quite a good looking design.
#2 Posted by Bob on 2 Mar 2018 at 17:31 PM
Whats with the death-cliff road in the first image?
Glen Ferguson
#3 Posted by Glen Ferguson on 5 Mar 2018 at 11:36 AM
Wards back at stobhill? i remember the old stobhill it was a busy busy hospital n all the wards and A&E and reception needed was a decent refurb

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