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New housing to anchor Barrowfield-Camlachie gap site

January 29 2018

New housing to anchor Barrowfield-Camlachie gap site
West of Scotland Housing Association in partnership with Anderson Bell + Christie Architects and ERZ landscape architects have brought forth plans to erect 52 new homes in the Barrowfield-Camlachie area of Glasgow.

Providing a mix of townhouses, maisonettes and flats on a brownfield site between Bridgeton and Parkhead off Barrowfield Street and Fielden Place.

Taking the form of a single block of flats accompanied by two smaller blocks of terraced townhouses, all faced in grey/buff brick, the scheme has been designed as a landmark building bookending the block.

Outlining their design approach the architects observed: “The six-storey element of the flatted block incorporates a two storey recess at the corner of Feilden Street and Barrowfield Street creating a feature and anchor point for the building, whilst also affording an additional degree of privacy to ground floor flats adjacent to Barrowfield Street.

“A recessed close also reduces the impact of the mass of the building and creates the impression of two slender towers within this corner of the site.”

A communal pocket park will sit at the centre of the site, linking to earlier phases of housing  through additional landscaping.
A mix of 35 flats, 2 maisonettes and 12 townhouses will be offered
A mix of 35 flats, 2 maisonettes and 12 townhouses will be offered
ERZ will oversee landscaping work to integrate the development within the existing community
ERZ will oversee landscaping work to integrate the development within the existing community


Glen Ferguson
#1 Posted by Glen Ferguson on 29 Jan 2018 at 12:37 PM
I must admit these do look smart.
Edward Harkins
#2 Posted by Edward Harkins on 29 Jan 2018 at 13:03 PM
Extraordinarily interesting history around this location. Barrowfield was the location for one of the first of the inter-war 'regeneration' projects. Originally a broad dual carriageway road was to drive through the entire site (never completed if I'm correct). All ended in a descent into one of the more notorious 'sink estates' in Glasgow. I can just about remember some of the very last of the original sandstone tenement slums left in Camlachie - truly awful.
#3 Posted by Charlie_ on 29 Jan 2018 at 13:16 PM
What an improvement on the surrounding new builds. If only London road had been adressed in such an urban manner, instead of with diddly suburbia behind a 6 foot fence.
#4 Posted by MV on 29 Jan 2018 at 13:20 PM
I think these are nice, deep blocks, with a bit of character. Image 2 looks like the dual carriage way might still be there, apart from that... looks good.
A Local Pleb
#5 Posted by A Local Pleb on 29 Jan 2018 at 13:21 PM
This looks like a great addition!
armchair 'tect
#6 Posted by armchair 'tect on 29 Jan 2018 at 15:27 PM
there's something soul destroying about this scheme, almost looks automatically generated, totally lacking in articulation and handling of form. And yet there is some nice Victorian brickwork opposite the site. Merits a better response than this.
#7 Posted by Monotrousers on 30 Jan 2018 at 09:10 AM
Same old repro' brick monolith... Juliet balconies, the odd feux, elongated window proportion introduced at high level blah blah. Why is this any different to trad pastiche? It's just as reproduced and irrelevant to its place..... this ain't 1990's Rotterdam.
#8 Posted by Josie on 7 Apr 2020 at 11:33 AM
Nice landscaping.

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