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Downsizers courted by Thorntonhall development

January 11 2018

Downsizers courted by Thorntonhall development
MCL Estates have brought to light plans for seven flats to replace an existing 1970s home on Wellknowe Avenue, Thorntonhall.

Formed from blond facing stone, render and grey cladding the development has been conceived to meet local demand for modern accommodation from those seeking to downsize.

In a statement Jacqueline Forbes Consulting wrote: “Architecturally the property is designed to be sympathetic to its surroundings, providing a light contemporary building considered in terms of its layout, massing and material finishes. It will contribute to the quality and variety of the streetscape providing appropriate levels of car parking and enclosure.”

Sitting under a low-pitched roof in deference to its immediate context of detached houses the scheme will border mature woodland to the north and east.



Graeme Mccormick
#1 Posted by Graeme Mccormick on 11 Jan 2018 at 12:42 PM
the sketch looks like it's back to the 1970s with a vengeance. It has the shape of a double garage on steroids
#2 Posted by hwd on 11 Jan 2018 at 12:46 PM
Looks like someone has just found the 'sketchy edges' style in Sketch rascal!
#3 Posted by Kid0 on 11 Jan 2018 at 14:34 PM
Can't wait for Etch-a-sketch to become an official tool for 'visualizers'. What a pile of...
Walt Disney
#4 Posted by Walt Disney on 11 Jan 2018 at 15:51 PM
Slight disapointing that people want to concentrate on the image rather than the fact its 7 flats over 3 storeys on the site of a single a sleepy wee footballers village.
Walt Diz
#5 Posted by Walt Diz on 11 Jan 2018 at 16:20 PM
so you mean there should be 14 flash motors in the visual....
#6 Posted by HMR on 11 Jan 2018 at 17:44 PM
Hold onto your hat Thorntonhall!

That is awful.
#7 Posted by Pleasantfield on 12 Jan 2018 at 14:38 PM
Its very simple South Lanarkshire planners need to recommend refusal based on a frankly non conforming crap design. What has happened to the architects in the West of Scotland? As others have said its back to 1970s designs and most of them look hopelessly dated

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