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Kilmarnock ‘cultural quarter’ vision detailed

November 6 2017

Kilmarnock ‘cultural quarter’ vision detailed
Keppie Design have undertaken a masterplan study on behalf of East Ayrshire Council for the creation of a new ‘cultural quarter’ to the east of the town’s historic centre.

Devised in lockstep with moves to relocate Kilmarnock Academy the initiative sought to tie together local landmarks such as the Dick Institute and Palace Theatre, fostering creative synergies between both institutions in the process.

David Ross, Keppie’s design director said: “It’s a very exciting time for the town. There is a palpable sense of positive anticipation in the local community born out of the Council’s desire to develop a unique identity for the town based on vibrant and connected public space. Our vision for the cultural quarter captures that spirit.”

Karl Doroszenko from East Ayrshire Council said: “The study generated a lot of good ideas, stimulated creative thinking and will be invaluable as we look towards a new, forward thinking, placemaking plan for Kilmarnock Town Centre”.

The masterplan aims to build on recent momentum on the town created by projects such as The Halo on Hill Street and a town centre improvement study being undertaken by TGP.
An urban park could connect Kilmarnock's cultural institutions
An urban park could connect Kilmarnock's cultural institutions
East Ayrshire Council are preparing a new placemaking plan for Kilmarnock town centre
East Ayrshire Council are preparing a new placemaking plan for Kilmarnock town centre


Matt Jaye
#1 Posted by Matt Jaye on 7 Nov 2017 at 17:18 PM
This would be great for the town - a desperately needed 'pick me up' to keep the regeneration moving. When you walk down King Street you really see the destruction caused by 1960/70s architecture - classic sandstone facades destroyed and interspersed with shoebox styles buildings. Bring it on...
Christine Alexander
#2 Posted by Christine Alexander on 8 Nov 2017 at 00:31 AM
As a resident of this area of the town, I have always felt that I was living in the academic/cultural quarter. I am delighted that the plans seek to integrate our many fine heritage and cultural resources into a 'cultural quarter' thus creating a recreational area of the town. This will surely be a great way to attract visitors to the town as well as highlighting our many excellent facilities for visitors and locals alike.
Ricky Rowe
#3 Posted by Ricky Rowe on 9 Nov 2017 at 18:06 PM
Fab work by Keppie Design. As a local, I hope it goes ahead and I shamelessly admit I hope to get involved with the lighting.

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