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Grampian Housing Association push ahead with Peterhead homes

September 18 2017

Grampian Housing Association push ahead with Peterhead homes
Norr and Grampian Housing Association have drawn up plans for 24 new build flats on the site of a former storage yard in Peterhead, Aberdeenshire.

Sandwiched between the Central and Roanheads conservation areas of the town the mix of one and two bed properties will be built on the corner of North Street and Brook Lane, reinstating a lost street frontage and linking with C-listed neighbouring properties.

In their associated planning statement Norr observed: “The redevelopment of this brownfield site for residential use restores the site and brings back an active street frontage that was lost following demolition of buildings on the site.

“The site has been cleared and has been in use as open storage and the redevelopment and the redevelopment of this brownfield site and restoration of the building line will enhance the visual amenity of the area.”

All properties will be made available at affordable rent.


tackity beets
#1 Posted by tackity beets on 19 Sep 2017 at 11:43 AM
jings 'ats an 'affa height compared ti thi cottages ower i road..surely wi sic a big bit a grun yi kin spread oot a bitty?
D to the R
#2 Posted by D to the R on 19 Sep 2017 at 13:24 PM
Norr ... as in Norr Architects? This looks like it was designed by Knorr Marco Pierre White ?! Brutal
#3 Posted by Concerned on 22 Sep 2017 at 13:16 PM
This is why Architects have a bad name - without even looking at the terrible design, the drawings and Sketchup model are terrible also.
They haven't even shown a pitch to the roof (is it really going to be a perfectly flat and level single ply roof in Peterhead, cos that's what the drawings show?!)
boaby wan
#4 Posted by boaby wan on 22 Sep 2017 at 15:07 PM
Concerned, this is the new BIM age, I'm guessing that you're looking at a revit model here rather than sketchup...

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