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Construction begins on £5.9m Cadder housing

September 18 2017

Construction begins on £5.9m Cadder housing
McTaggart Construction and Cadder Housing Association have commenced delivery of 50 new homes at Tresta Road, North Glasgow, for completion by November 2018.

Designed by Anderson Bell Christie and Scott Bennett Associates the mix of apartments and houses will sit on the site of a former school.

Costed at £5.9m the proposal occupies a triangular plot of land tracing the boundary of the former St Agnes’ Primary.

Finished in alternating dark and buff brick houses will offer occupants off-street parking with flats set back from the street behind a landscape strip.

The new homes follow on from completion of North Cadder Community Centre by Cooper Cromar.
18 houses and 32 flats are proposed
18 houses and 32 flats are proposed


Edward Harkins
#1 Posted by Edward Harkins on 18 Sep 2017 at 14:01 PM
There's a neat, solid, Scottish combination - Anderson Bell Christie and Scott Bennett Associates/McTaggart Construction/Cadder Housing Association. Virtually guarantees a success story in design, construction and social value.
#2 Posted by Philip on 18 Sep 2017 at 14:38 PM
The alternating brick does nothing but emphasize the dismal design and misery proportions. This is horrid scheme. WTF has happened to ABC?
#3 Posted by modernish on 18 Sep 2017 at 15:27 PM
Dismal....and non compliant with the GCC Design Guide!
#4 Posted by Bored... on 18 Sep 2017 at 17:03 PM
Edward, how much are they paying you?

I agree, what's happened to ABC? This looks clunky and unresolved.
#5 Posted by Gringo on 18 Sep 2017 at 17:44 PM
ABC feeling the design talent void following Karen's retirement?
Hells Bells
#6 Posted by Hells Bells on 18 Sep 2017 at 20:25 PM
You do all realise that this project is probably Design & Build, so ABC not really in control of their own destiny.

I would suggest that this kind of work is symptomatic of current procurement trends that put contractors in control of a competitive design process where lowest tender and quality score box ticking prospers. Hardly going to breed world class architecture, is it?

Architects need to realise the commercial reality of the procurement landscape they operate within. Some clients specifically want simple, robust, low cost housing and I suspect that is exactly what is going on with this project.
Like a Virgin
#7 Posted by Like a Virgin on 19 Sep 2017 at 10:16 AM
Taking a blank elevation, drawing some squares and filling them in with coloured pencils to resemble different bricks and then passing it off as thoughtful design development is just lazy and frankly, in this instance, is offensive.

Multiple years of training only to produce an idea a child come come up with.

#6 - I understand procurement routes make things very difficult to be in any form ambitious in Scotland these days and this is often further fuelled by a housing associations passion for quantity over quality but does this really extinguish an architects creative flame so drastically?

I feel good now. I've alas contributed to the tradition of critiquing the latest dismal social housing scheme Urban Realm has unearthed only for the article to slowly make its way down the homepage and join the pile of other architectural triumphs without offering any real suggestions.

Thank you for your time.
Excuses Excuses
#8 Posted by Excuses Excuses on 19 Sep 2017 at 10:23 AM
#6 Perhaps you can explain how "commercial reality" and "design and build" preclude a basic understanding of materiality, massing and proportion. Simple, robust and low cost can be beautiful too.
#9 Posted by Steve on 20 Sep 2017 at 14:31 PM
Acceptable in the 80's
Glen Ferguson
#10 Posted by Glen Ferguson on 3 Oct 2017 at 08:21 AM
I must admit i do actually like that compared to what has been thrown around recently.

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