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Dandara table Edinburgh office to residential plan

July 27 2017

Dandara table Edinburgh office to residential plan
Property developer Dandara has put forward plans for a block of 75 apartments on the site of Traquair House, Edinburgh - a disused office building in the Pinkhill area of the city which has now reached the end of its useful life.

In its place Dandara propose to erect a residential development more in keeping with the surrounding neighbourhood with a quarter of the planned homes classed as affordable with each property having exclusive use of its own balcony, terrace or garden.

In their design statement Dandara wrote: “The upper storey is set back to create a roof terrace reflecting the detail of the adjoining apartments. This floor will be expressed in dark grey timber cladding, and by recessing the top floor and expressing it in a similar colour to the roof the upper floor reads as if the accommodation is in the roof space.

“Walls are predominately acid etched panels to give a sandstone finish, with areas of timber cladding to add warmth to the building façades. Whilst the adjoining apartments are finished in white render, by moving to a warmer colour the sandstone of the local area is better reflected. The proposed apartments will help to link into the built environment to the west.”

In addition to accommodation 1,185sq/m of amenity space will be provided with seating and drying greens, with footpath links to a neighbouring golf course retained.


#1 Posted by Philip on 28 Jul 2017 at 11:44 AM
Standard. 2002 vintage.
Nice use of Google Earth
Carrick Knower
#2 Posted by Carrick Knower on 28 Jul 2017 at 13:45 PM
Hilarious! "more in keeping with the surrounding neighbourhood" they say, well I call them out on that. It might be more "inkeeping" now but the previous iteration of this proposal was a seven storey behemoth which the neighbouring two storey houses (you can just see one in montage) would have had towering directly over their back gardens. Dandara should be ashamed of trying it on for that scale in the first place (no doubt to soften the planners for this "reduced scale" scheme), and to say that the upper storey is recessed to match the surrounding properties is "creative". It's recessed because the previous behemoth was chased!!

Finally, the office wasn't beyond it's life, the landlord didn't extend the lease to the tech firm in there because they wanted to develop the site.

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