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Page\Park submit Springburn social housing plan

October 23 2014

Page\Park submit Springburn social housing plan
Page\Park architects have submitted plans on behalf of Loretto Housing Association to build 49 homes for social rent in the Springburn area of Glasgow.

Spread across eight blocks of accommodation on the site of the former Albert School the scheme will be formed around a central ‘spine’ connecting Springburn Academy to the town centre. From this a number of connected courtyard spaces would be created, providing direct access to adjoining properties and ‘home-zone’ shared surfaces.

Straddling a series of high retaining walls necessitated by a significant level drop the scheme also incorporates a series of rear backcourts offering both private gardens and communal green spaces and utility areas. 

In their design statement Page\Park said: “The regular pattern of the blocks is broken up by changes in material which have been chosen to bring out the character of each courtyard. The blocks nearest the red sandstone tenements of Barclay Street are faced in a terracotta-coloured brick, ones nearest the existing stone retaining walls are faced in a grey-brown facing brick and the others in the
centre of the site are faced in white render to highlight the new route through the site.”
Eight blocks ranging in height from two to four storeys will be built
Eight blocks ranging in height from two to four storeys will be built
The colour palette of each block will shift in cognisance of its context
The colour palette of each block will shift in cognisance of its context


Paul Sweeney
#1 Posted by Paul Sweeney on 24 Oct 2014 at 13:03 PM
Nice to see this area of derelict ground being redeveloped but it would have been preferable to have seen a denser development, that re-established the shattered tenemental grid of Springburn. This sort of approach is happening in Laurieston and the Gorbals. It would have created a more active urban frontage to the major junction at Balgrayhill and Hawthorn streets.
Kathryn Bennett
#2 Posted by Kathryn Bennett on 24 Oct 2014 at 14:31 PM
Paul, it ranges from two to four storeys in height which is in line with the existing streetscape and former tenement height. Seems like a really good scheme to me and it will be a welcome improvement to this area of Glasgow. This, along with the refurbishment that NG Homes have carried out on their housing stock further along Balgrayhill Road will have really improved the appearance of this stretch. Looking forward to seeing the finished results!
Catherine Clarke
#3 Posted by Catherine Clarke on 29 Apr 2016 at 17:45 PM
I was delighted to see the plans for redevelopment of the area where the old primary school once was. It will further enhance this part of Springburn. NGHomes have made a terrific difference to the multi flats on the high end of Balgrayhill, this new development will compliment it. Would love to live there...might make an enquiry.

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