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Planning sought for Maggie’s Forth Valley

December 3 2013

Planning sought for Maggie’s Forth Valley
Nord Architecture have has filed a planning application for Scotland’s ninth Maggie’s Centre, to be built in the grounds of Keppie’s Forth Valley Royal Hospital, Larbert.

Inspired by wrought iron Victorian pavilions the £3m design references the areas links to the iron industry and is the first such centre to be located next to a lochan. Nestled amidst 70 acres of mature woodland the site also boasts its own network of pathways benefitting from expansive views to the Ochre Hills.

Nord director, Alan Pert said: “How to establish relationships between an ornamental loch, a new Maggies centre and its expansive surroundings is the main concern of our design. A series of rooms are wrapped by a verandah, which creates a shaded space for leisurely promenade and a place to shelter from the rain. Placed in a commanding position next to the ornamental loch the colonnaded pavilion differs from many previous Maggie’s centres, which have had to create a landscape setting for the building.

“The veranda acts as a mediating space between the expansive landscape setting and the internal layout, which is arranged to offer a retreat and places of intimacy from the vastness of the outside world, whilst being able to celebrate the beauty of the expansive surroundings and all the hopes that the outside has to offer.”

The new centre is scheduled to open its doors as early as spring 2015.
Planning sought for Maggie’s Forth Valley

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#1 Posted by Gringo on 3 Dec 2013 at 16:26 PM
Seems to be floating like Luke Skywalker's Speeder.....vaseline on the lens perhaps?

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