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RIAS renews attack on Standards Commission as George Square fallout continues

December 3 2013

RIAS renews attack on Standards Commission as George Square fallout continues
The RIAS has fired a fresh salvo in its public spat with the Commission for Ethical Standards in Scottish Public Life, following the publication of figures showing the commission has a clear-up rate of just two per cent.

In a report to the RIAS council secretary Neil Baxter expresses regret at the Incorporation having placed its trust and confidence in the commission - after it found no evidence of any wrongdoing on the part of Glasgow City Council leader Gordon Matheson over his decision to pull the plug on the George Square design contest.

Baxter wrote: “It was profoundly disappointing that, after a very limited enquiry, the commissioner concluded as he did. However, the recently reported figures from the Commission help explain why our complaint, along with so many others, resulted in a not guilty verdict.

“It is not credible that only two per cent of all cases brought before the Commissioner conclude with a 'guilty' decision. Even discounting potentially vexatious cases, the vast majority of the ordinary citizens, elected representatives and representative bodies who take their complaints to the Standards Commissioner, do so in good faith, with great care and after much deliberation.”

A two per cent clear-up rate means that of 600 complainants the RIAS were amongst 588 who were found to have no just cause.
In response the organisation has taken its complaint into the commissioner’s handling of the investigation to the public services ombudsman and minister for local government.

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alan park
#1 Posted by alan park on 5 Dec 2013 at 11:26 AM
Well said, Neil Baxter - Well done for getting into that Ethics Commission.
I can understand that politicos suffer (or, maybe, enjoy) the same foibles as the rest of us.
But it's the rampant hypocrisy that bursts my chops.
Here's an idea for Glasgow - bring back city chief officials who are accountable.
So, we go back to having a City Architect, a City Engineer, especially a City Planner, etc.
They would be tasked to respond to relevant, important issues, not some part-time ex clenny worker with no pertinent experience.
Then, me and the other tax/rates/fine payers might have more trust in and respect for local government.
At the end of the day, it gets dark.
Sorry, meant to say if you pay peanuts you get monkeys.

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