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Falkirk looks to turn heads with Kelpies construction

July 1 2013

Falkirk looks to turn heads with Kelpies construction
Falkirk is hoping to gain fresh economic horsepower this summer with the emergence of two giant equine heads which will soon loom over the town’s skyline.

A 10 week construction programme to deliver Andy Scott's twin sculptures, part of Falkirk Council and Scottish Canals £43m Helix Project, is now underway.

Rising to 30m the pair will consume 6km and 600 tonnes of structural steel with more than 10,000 separate fixings applied to the ‘skin’ of the heads.

Needless to say this will result in the largest pair of horse sculptures in the world upon completion, with the ears alone measuring over 5m in height and the base swallowing an area of land equivalent to a public swimming pool.

Helix programme director, Mike King, said: “Over the next few months, people in the Falkirk area will begin to get a really strong impression of what we are producing at The Helix,” he added.

“As The Kelpies begin to emerge from the ground and assume their distinctive shape, we believe the anticipation for our ground-breaking development will increase dramatically.

“What we also have currently is one of the largest gardening projects in the country with thousands of bulbs, shrubs and trees having been planted, all of which will really add to the colour and landscape of the Helix.”


The Bairn
#1 Posted by The Bairn on 1 Jul 2013 at 20:43 PM
lets think about this in the cold light of day away from the pretentions of 'public art'
1. carbon nuetral ?...No!
2. environmentally friendly?...No!
3. attract investment?...wishful thinking!
4. attract tourists?...only in year one!!
5. who pays for upkeep, security, staffing and maintenance?...council tax payers!!!
Another pat on the back for our forward looking local councils who have lost the plot.
#2 Posted by D on 11 Jul 2013 at 13:18 PM
On the other hand, with £25M of Lottery Cash, would you rather look these gift horses in the mouth? (Sorry couldn't resist)
Marc Fallon
#3 Posted by Marc Fallon on 15 Nov 2013 at 19:38 PM
Terrific, can't wait to see it tomorrow. This puts Falkirk on the map in more ways than one. The wheel has attracted people from far and wide and the Helix should go even further. It is like the central belt has given given an X factor injection. Like the sustrans cycle routes these things which attract public investment enhance the lives of all of us. Falkirk moves itself away from just being a Cumbernauld, Bathgate or Livingstone to something much greater.( no disrespect meant to these towns) Thanks to those making the decisions in the council for a real feel good factor to the central belt.
The Bairn
#4 Posted by The Bairn on 15 Nov 2013 at 23:49 PM
Well the previous comment is deluded to the extreme. At least I live in Falkirk but have yet to be zapped by the mysterious X factor. Still a complete eyesore and a lot of art school tosh. Alistair Campbell wold be proud of the 'spin' spouted by some people.
Do you work for the local authority per chance?
The historic town of Falkirk has always been head and shoulders above its near neighbours mainly due to its industrial heritage and great work ethic of its forefathers who I dare say are spinning in their collective graves as I write!!

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