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George Square survey gauges public opinion

October 24 2012

George Square survey gauges public opinion
Urban Realm and Restore George Square's unofficial George Square survey has generated a welter of responses from people concerned about Glasgow City Council’s competition plans are slanted toward the creation of an events venue instead of a public space.  

Thus far we’ve received 134 responses’ to our request, with only 16% agreeing that events should be a priority for the space although 56% of respondents didn’t want to see an outright ban on commercial events.

Instead trees and greenspace were the overwhelming preference for the space with 82% of those to get in touch saying greenery should be prioritised above all else. A clear majority, 66.9%, were also against removal of the existing statues.

Amongst those to get in touch was Catriona McCallum who said: “I agree entirely that public space has given way to private events space without ever informing the electorate, let alone asking their opinion - not only in George Square but public parks are often cut off from the general public who either choose not to or do not have the means to 'pay' for access to public space.”

Chris Humphries added: “A wide open square with removable furniture to facilitate events in a city that already has plenty of venues and wide open outdoor spaces is not required nor is it welcomed.”

There is no unanimity on the removal of all events however with Simon King stating his belief that a limited number of events was still worthwhile. He said: “Christmas fair and other fairs which are to the benefit of the citizens are ok. Prestige events or purely commercial events should be held at SECC and the council can pay for the facilities.”

Anne Clarkson meanwhile added: “No other European city would treat its civic square as badly as George Square is treated by the Council. It shouldn't be 'vibrant', it should a place of quiet greenery and dignified stonework.”

There’s still time to make your voice heard ahead of a George Square feature in the December issue of Urban Realm.


Wee J
#1 Posted by Wee J on 30 Oct 2012 at 08:40 AM
I'd like to this as more of a park, the provision of a quality urban realm is severely lacking in Glasgow. We need something more central, can't just rely on Glasgow Green!
Douglas Robertson
#2 Posted by Douglas Robertson on 1 Nov 2012 at 17:38 PM
George Square is an urban space, and also one of the few limited green spaces in the central city. Ay present it compromises both positions - the green over the years has been sacrificed to the red tarmac and the use of the square as a commercial letting venue. So you either need to improve it as a hard urban utility space, or bring back the green and stop its commercial use. You cannot have both. Finally, if you moved the war memorial to the other side of the square and had it facing into the square it would be a far better use of the space. And then redistribute to other statues to other suitable public space in the old communities that made up Glasgow.
Mary Harvey
#3 Posted by Mary Harvey on 2 Dec 2012 at 03:24 AM
George Square is dignified reminder of the great history of Scotland. As a visitor from America I felt the
distinguished presence of the figures and the dedication of the space to the enduring respect of Scotland for its rugged and honorable character.

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