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Urban Realm initiates top pub hunt with drinks invite

August 3 2012

Urban Realm initiates top pub hunt with drinks invite
Never ones to pass up an opportunity for a booze-up Urban Realm is embarking on a novel piece of research/excuse to head down the pub by inviting readers to nominate your own favoured watering holes.

With thoughts turning toward the weekend we want to know which tavern you and your colleagues are most likely to frequent – which are best for business?

Networking is an important role in any arena, anecdotally more so in the built environment sphere, and with alcohol one of the finest deal lubricants around an inordinate amount of time can be whiled away down the local.

Purely in the interests of research then we will be descending upon your favourite for a pint or two, with a full pub guide set to be follow in the autumn edition of Urban Realm.

Taking an early lead is Glasgow’s Stereo café and bar, nominated by Ian Alexander. It is a popular haunt for the JM team, but do you agree? Let us know your own favoured drinking dens and any tales from within by dropping us a note at and we could soon be buying you a pint.

The event, venue to be determined, will be held on August 31 from 18:00.


walt disney
#1 Posted by walt disney on 3 Aug 2012 at 13:45 PM
First choice is Babitty Bowsters back in the day. Frequented by Big Pete McGurn, Tom Elder et al. Great chat in a great howf. Secondly The Chip bar where Andy Macmillan and Izzy Metstein would often hold court.
Cruella de Vil being frequented by Big Pete McGurn
#2 Posted by Cruella de Vil being frequented by Big Pete McGurn on 3 Aug 2012 at 13:56 PM
== This comment was removed for being unconstructive and failing to contribute to the debate ==
4th place man
#3 Posted by 4th place man on 3 Aug 2012 at 14:48 PM
== This comment was removed for being off topic ==
#4 Posted by dirige on 3 Aug 2012 at 15:10 PM
You Guys. Moaning about the moaning is even worse than the moaning! A good part of it is just funny banter.

Another vote for Stereo, it seems to be a natural congregation point for tons of architects, not just JM. The Griffin is also good, but I think it used to be more of a draw for mac students back in the day than it is now.

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