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Aberdeen bypass campaign reaches Supreme Court

July 9 2012

Aberdeen bypass campaign reaches Supreme Court
A campaign to block construction of Aberdeen’s bypass has reached the Supreme Court in London where a two day hearing on the subject is to be held from today.

The Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route is a 28 mile long bypass of the granite city and was originally approved by the Scottish Government back in 2009.

Opposition group Road Sense have already lost two appeals to the Court of Session since that date.

Should the Supreme Court also reject Road Sense’s move it is thought unlikely that the group would resort to the European courts, making it highly likely that the £400m road would proceed.

Transport Minister Keith Brown said: "Ministers have done everything in their power to progress the appeal hearing as soon as possible and welcome the start of the next stage of the process.

"We are prepared and ready to defend the appeal so that we can get on and build this much needed road as soon as possible."

The Supreme Courts verdict will be issued in three months.


Willie Wilinson
#1 Posted by Willie Wilinson on 10 Jul 2012 at 22:41 PM
Upgrading the B979 would be sufficient. HGV 's prefer this route. I am a retired roads
engineer - having worked in Kincardineshire
for 35 years - why is the WPR now needed ?
Billy Billinson
#2 Posted by Billy Billinson on 11 Jul 2012 at 07:52 AM
As a working roads engineer, I can assure Willie Wilinson that HGVs certainly do not prefer the B979. The fact that they are forced to use vastly unsuitable back roads due to the design and traffic on the A90/A96 demonstrates the need for the AWPR. If Willie Wilinson was still working, he would no doubt see the need first hand. The vested interests of some extremely wealthy landowners have succeeded in stalling this project to the detriment of everyone in the NE and the wider economy. A good demonstration of the need for planning reform if ever there was one.
Fae Aberdeenshire
#3 Posted by Fae Aberdeenshire on 11 Jul 2012 at 15:00 PM
Most HGV's use the B979 because they are trying to get to Westhill or Banchory, the quickest way to do this is up the B979 and ver. Peterculter.

Willie Wilinson, exactly, you worked in Kincardineshire which is south of the city, you have not had to spend most of your working life commuting through Aberdeen. Enjoy your retirement and let the rest of us spend less time wasting out lives in traffic jams.

Wealthy landowners want the WPR to happen so they can make loads of money from opening up land for housing.

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