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Government backs High Speed London Birmingham rail link

January 10 2012

Government backs High Speed London Birmingham rail link
The government has approved plans to construct a 100 mile high speed rail line between London and Birmingham, alongside concessions to environmentalists which will see 8 miles of the route buried in a “green tunnel”.

It forms the first phase of a longer term plan which could ultimately connect both Glasgow and Edinburgh to the capita, bringing journey times down to a mere two hours by around 2033.

Construction work on the Birmingham leg  could begin from 2016 for completion by 2026.

Explaining the government’s backing Transport Secretary Justine Greening said: “I have decided Britain should embark upon the most significant transport infrastructure project since the building of the motorways by supporting the development and delivery of a new national high speed rail network.

“By following in the footsteps of the 19th century railway pioneers, the Government is signalling its commitment to providing 21st century infrastructure and connections – laying the groundwork for long-term, sustainable economic growth.”

A study has been instigated into the upgrade of Glasgow’s High Street Station to act as northern terminus of the showpiece line.

High Speed Rail Animation from HS2Ltd on Vimeo.


Chantelle fae the Barras
#1 Posted by Chantelle fae the Barras on 10 Jan 2012 at 14:44 PM
I see England is getting preferential treatment yet again. Nice to know that perhaps one day, the rail link may connect to Scotland.

In the meantime, England will benefit from the improved infrastructure paid for courtesy of the UK taxpayer.

Andrew Brown
#2 Posted by Andrew Brown on 10 Jan 2012 at 16:40 PM
The Scot's can't even build a tram way on time or in budget, let alone a 200 mph rail link.
The Bairn
#3 Posted by The Bairn on 10 Jan 2012 at 17:41 PM
...this project will never come in on time and under budget...reality check here I think!!
Chantelle fae the Barras
#4 Posted by Chantelle fae the Barras on 11 Jan 2012 at 04:07 AM

What has trams got to do with a high speed rail link? Can't you debate the topic at hand without deflection? If infrastructure projects going over budget is a reason for not building the rail link then me thinks England's 'billion pound millennium dome c*ck up' qualifies as a reason too.

Did mentioning the fact that England is getting the rail link, courtesy of the UK taxpayer, annoy you? That's a fact. Also, there is still no concrete guarantee the rail link will ever come to Scotland.

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