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East Kilbride town centre plans approved

December 8 2011

East Kilbride town centre plans approved
First phase plans for a significant extension of East Kilbride’s Olympia Shopping centre have been given the go ahead, clearing the way for retail specialists BDP to begin work on the 16,000sq/m scheme.

Bankrolled by East Kilbride Investments Ltd and PropInvest East Kilbride Ltd the scheme will entail construction of a new Sainsbury’s store together with the replacement of smaller units with larger floorplates.

Improved connections to the existing mall will be facilitated by a covered access travelator connecting to a two storey car park built above the supermarket.

These works will entail demolition of existing car park decks, Sainsbury’s and Olympia Arcade.

BDP intend for this work to “strengthen the eastern end of the town centre” by providing more modern facilities.

In their design statement the practice said: “The removal of the existing ramp and stairs at Olympia Way allows a new entrance to be formed at the bus station. The entrance will simplify the connection to the bus station and Princes Mall by providing a more direct connection with clear lines of sight between the existing and new entrances.”

Councillor Graham Scott, the planning committee chair, said: "This is the first phase in what the applicants have told us is their overall vision for a town centre which continues to meet the needs of the modern retailer.
"This ultimately includes an aim to regenerate the profile of the town centre to create distinct shopping and commercial areas.”
east Kilbride was a nominee in last years Carbuncle awards
east Kilbride was a nominee in last years Carbuncle awards
Works will entail demolition of existing car park decks, Sainsbury’s and Olympia Arcade
Works will entail demolition of existing car park decks, Sainsbury’s and Olympia Arcade


#1 Posted by "El" on 8 Dec 2011 at 22:23 PM
This end of the town centre is a disgrace and needs proper investment, however building a white elephant is not the answer!
Last time I checked there was nearly 50 empty units, so surely something should be done to bring in more retailers. Building new units is stupid. Centre West is nowhere near full, so howabout sorting out what is already there. For example, lowering the rental rates or scrapping parking charges. The quality of shops that are moving in recently are very low-end, charity shops, pound shops, pawn shop, discount stores. Not exactly a great draw.
silverburn must be quivering in its boots.
#2 Posted by NS on 12 Dec 2011 at 23:38 PM
The number of units will be reduced and the space allocated will increase. Does it not say this in the article? What's wrong with Charity Shops? Maybe you should just shop in Silverburn.....
#3 Posted by "El" on 13 Dec 2011 at 13:10 PM
Excellent; so instead of having lots of little stores empty, there will be a handful of big units lying empty instead. Fantastic!
As someone who grew up in EK, I can tell you that the town centre is running on fumes. Nearly everyone I know tried to do their shopping there but the selection of shops is very poor. There just is not a big enough variety.
I just don't understand why there is not a bigger effort being made to clear the empty units. It is no secret that several big names have moved out or downsized due the massive rents. That and the obvious financial situation, I would think that it would be better to try and get new business in by providing incentives and not scaring folk off by sky high fees.
Also, who will pay for this really? The existing tenants through even higher rents?
There is nothing wrong with charity shops, but my problems is that the town centre is becoming segregated. Nearly all of the big name stores are in Centre West, The Olympia is dying on its feet and the Princes Mall is fondly known as the "Trongate".
Grass-roots investment is needed. Not grandiose masterplans.
#4 Posted by NS on 13 Dec 2011 at 23:45 PM
The plan seems to be a good one. Grass roots plan, don't really understand what you mean by this. Please expand, Interested in your thoughts.... mentioned the Trongate. Do you refer to the Trongate in Glasgow. Please consider how offensive your comments can be, think through what you say, I am sure you mean well.

I would have EK Town Centre like the Trongate any day. The Trongate hosts one of Scotland most successful Theatres in Scotland. It has a hive of Multi Cultural activities to boast and a great variety of Retailers along its length.

Seems the Trongate has it all.

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