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Carbuncle Awards stir parliamentary debate

November 11 2011

Carbuncle Awards stir parliamentary debate
Urban Realm’s annual Carbuncle Awards have elicited the ire of Elaine Smith, MSP for Coatbridge and Chryston, who took advantage of a Scottish Parliament debate on architecture to lambast the award for Scotland’s most dismal town.

Smith said: “These types of so-called architectural awards do nothing to help positively promote architecture.

“Instead, self appointed judges give negative opinions with no care for the consequences to local economies or local communities. These Carbuncle judges should get out of their ivory towers and consider the harm they do with their cynical and nasty so-called awards, which are a patronising publicity stunt designed to sell magazines and they do nothing to promote architecture in Scotland.”

Carbuncles organiser John Glenday responded: “Smith’s comments belie a superficial and knee jerk response to an award which has done more than any other to engage communities alienated by an aloof and out of touch political class.

“Instead of directing her anger at the awards we urge Smith to direct that energy toward engaging positively with us to resolve the very real issues affecting our places and spaces.

“These problems cannot be swept under the carpet and Urban Realm will continue to serve as a platform for the debate and betterment of our built environment.”

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#1 Posted by brian on 12 Nov 2011 at 13:13 PM
The question is not about 'so-called awards', good or bad, but that our local towns and communities are even eligible for such awards, due to the self-serving political class whose only consideration is their next stipend. As previous 'winners' of the Plook, our local council Falkirk Council were apoplectic in their condemnation of the award - BECAUSE IT EMBARRASSED AND SHAMED THEM. It had nothing to do with, "... harm and cynical & nasty so-called awards...” and all to do with putting abysmal council's and their councillors into the public eye.
The scrutiny which the magnificent Plook brings to the table is all the more reason for John Glenday and his team to ensure that the Zit looks more and more angry on every public showing.
When Mrs Smith and her ilk express disdain and anger at these awards, take it as a sign of the flourishing health of the Carbuncle Awards. THEY hate them, and so they should, but the answer is not to reject them and more to do with preventing the reasons for their award.
A lot of our towns don't have the luxury of a carpet to sweep problems under!

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