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Hyslop calls for restoration works VAT reduction

November 9 2011

Hyslop calls for restoration works VAT reduction
Culture Secretary Fiona Hyslop has issued a call for the rate of VAT on restoration work to be reduced to 5% in order to aid protection of historic buildings.

In a plea to Westminster Hyslop said the existing 20% rate should be slashed to boost construction activity.

Hyslop said: “We need to be smarter about re-using existing buildings.  Demolition is inherently expensive, and construction waste is estimated to make up one third of all landfill waste in the UK.

"Restoration is a sustainable and viable option that uses fewer resources but provides more employment.  For every pound spent, you could get twice as much local employment and use around half of the resources.

"Refurbishment of older buildings and areas, especially those of heritage value, usually acts as a catalyst for wider regeneration.  It also helps to foster traditional building skills."

Hyslop will lead a Scottish parliament debate on ‘the importance of architecture and placemaking to the economy of Scotland’ at 14:55 on November 10.


Auntie Nairn
#1 Posted by Auntie Nairn on 9 Nov 2011 at 14:22 PM
Why stop at restoration? Surely a reduction in VAT to works on all existing buildings would help to stimulate the stagnant architecture / construction sector, encourage homeowners who can't afford to move home to build an extension or tackle a refurbishment, and generally be a good thing for everyone.
#2 Posted by Doug on 9 Nov 2011 at 14:53 PM
A step in the right direction - how about listed buildings zero rated and repair works to everyone else at 5%? It would also do away with the incentive for people to employ cowboys.
Gweedo Fox
#3 Posted by Gweedo Fox on 10 Nov 2011 at 01:25 AM
An interesting set of desirables from the nats- They could pehaps start with giving their supposed champions in all things built and unbuilt -ADS- some proper teeth. Those poor folks up the Canongate or in the Lighthouse must wonder if the time spent away from their respective practices is worth it. Untill such time- I fear the spectre of speculative housebuilding , unispired and uniformed patronage and the predelictions of local Planning Committees will reign supreme.
#4 Posted by FW on 12 Nov 2011 at 09:45 AM
The rows and rows of empty msp seats at both debates gives a better insight on the importance of architecture and placemaking in Scotland.

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