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Autumn issue out now

October 11 2011

Autumn issue out now
In the Autumn issue, hitting desks today and tomorrow, you can read:
  • Dundee House: Dundee's civic hub is the latest manifestation of the Jute City's reinvention but what does the structure tell us about the present condition and confidence of the city by the Tay.
  • Natural insulation- from wool to hemp and recycled paper- products review. This feature will be filled with advice and opinion columns covering the length and breadth of the natural products market.
  • St Kilda: An island so remote its last inhabitants had to be evacuated 80 years ago occupies a cherished spot in the national psyche. We take a look at an island in stasis and discover a remarkably environment.
  • 3D Printing: 3D Printing promises to transform not just the way we build but how we think about building. But in what ways? Some herald the dawn of a new craft movement based on personalised design, others fear the loss of traditional drawing and model making skills. Urban Realm will disentangle these polar views in an effort to paint a clearer picture of a remarkable technology.
  • New practices : From ERZ to Robin Lee Architects the recession has bred a remarkable explosion of fresh architectural practices. Urban Realm takes a look at some of the best new arrivals.
  • Amsterdam parallels : Holland is regarded as something of an exemplar for contemporary constructions that refuse to kow tow to historical convention. Alistair Scott finds out whether any lessons learned across the North Sea are applicable at home.
  • Why do Scots struggle to win commissions ? It is oft said and readily borne out, that homegrown practices often struggle to make headway abroad, but why should this be and what can be done to turn our fortunes round?
  • Ice cream Architecture: This mobile practice, founded by Desmond Bernie and Sarah Frood, has done much to democratise the elitist world of architecture since first hitting the road in 2009. A unique blend of community activism and design it is expanding debate of architectural pursuits to a wider audience than ever before, as Willie Miller expounds.
  • Bribery : Corruption in Britain may be so subtle but is no less damaging for its market distorting impact, but what of foreign climes where the practice is endemic? Should we leave our morals behind at the White Cliffs of Dover or allow our competitors to brown envelope their way to victory?
It s not to late to get your copy - subscribe or request a single copy now.


Carlo M
#1 Posted by Carlo M on 12 Oct 2011 at 17:15 PM
Bloody good article on Reiach and Hall's Dundee project. Prof Dunlop's essay on drawing and criticism of the Zaha museum the best I have read. Strange to see him there though I thought he left in the huff?
#2 Posted by ANON on 12 Oct 2011 at 17:37 PM
Dunlop needs to stop ramming drawing down our throats. In practice we do not want it or need it or have time to do it!

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