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Aberdeen’s St Nicholas House to be demolished

October 7 2011

Aberdeen’s St Nicholas House to be demolished
Aberdeen City Councilors have opted to follow their compatriots in Dundee by voting to demolish their own former high rise headquarters – St Nicholas House.

Designed by Aberdeen City Architects Department in 1968 the 14 storey structure will be cleared to allow the vacant site to be marketed for maximum value.

It will also remove the decaying structure from its prominent position on the city centre skyline.

Councilors are adamant that any replacement structure be of sufficient architectural quality to respect the neighbouring historic Provost Skene’s House.

Doubts remain s to how the £2m project can be funded however with the Council’s 2012-13 budget still to be finalised.

Aberdeen City Council recently decanted to the nearby Marischal College, redeveloped by the Holmes Partnership.

Image taken by Peter Atkinson.


James Tallent
#1 Posted by James Tallent on 8 Oct 2011 at 11:23 AM
Wonderful news. Good to see our two northern cities taking such decisive steps to rid themselves of their modernist mistakes.
#2 Posted by Barry on 8 Oct 2011 at 13:58 PM
Glad to see this ugly modernist building going. It was a complete blight on the landscape. Aberdeen could have a truly stunning cityscape if it just utilised its current architecture and added to it sympathetically.
#3 Posted by Ross on 8 Oct 2011 at 13:59 PM
Certainly James, one looks forward to the day when that embarrassing postwar episode of optimism and mass provision has been totally erased from our towns and cities. Hopefully the NHS will have been privatised by then too. And every council house sold off. One can only dream...
#4 Posted by Jimbo on 10 Oct 2011 at 08:51 AM
Does this mean the planners will have to go and do site visits, as opposed to just getting out the binos and having a look out the window?!?
basil the rat
#5 Posted by basil the rat on 12 Oct 2011 at 13:17 PM
Oh Yeh I forgot about that optimistic wave of destruction to make way for mass provision of cardboard buildings. Cheers granddad.
#6 Posted by Robbie on 14 Oct 2011 at 20:58 PM
Why knock down high density structures in city centres. Surely the sustainable / cost effective thing to do is find a new use for this building?

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