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Big Crit line-up prepare for Scott Sutherland degree show

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April 14 2011

Big Crit line-up prepare for Scott Sutherland degree show
Scott Sutherland School of Architecture has revealed the identity of the architectural heavy hitters who are to take part in the school’s annual student review show.

They are Prof. Neil Gillespie, Peter St John, Annalie Riches, Ellis Goodman, Prof. Alan Dunlop and William Mann - each of whom will critique the work of students following individual presentations.

This will be the third such event held by the school, taking the form of a day long discussion on architecture and urbanism followed  by a social evening.

The Big Crit will take place on Thursday, May 19.


Deliberate slip?
#1 Posted by Deliberate slip? on 14 Apr 2011 at 16:24 PM
Ellis Woodman? not Goodman presumably? A devious attempt with underhand tactics to undermine the confidence of BD I assume!
Ex SSSA Student
#2 Posted by Ex SSSA Student on 14 Apr 2011 at 16:34 PM
I had Malcolm Fraser for my crit in 03 up at Garthdee.

Back then he was a pussy cat & he wore a salmon pink shirt and a lime green tie.

He dished out a 2:1 so no complaints about the wacky attire from me.

Enjoy the mauling kids-!

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