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You’ve been Trumped trailer released

March 10 2011

You’ve been Trumped trailer released
A documentary investigating Donald Trump’s plans for a giant golf course in Menie, has been premiered via a YouTube trailer which promises to shine a light into the goings on there.

The film is an independent production for cinema being developed by independent journalists who state that they are operating independently of any organisation.

Thepublished footage recalls the story so far and documents efforts to protect the sand dunes there from development.

Produced by Antony Baxter the new feature documentary should have its world premiere in May.


Windy Miller of Trumpt On
#1 Posted by Windy Miller of Trumpt On on 10 Mar 2011 at 23:45 PM
Looks good Mr Baxter.
Better than a Michael Moore expose.
Let's give Trumpland back to the Trumpish. Tell him to Donald Duck Off.
Bert Raccoon
#2 Posted by Bert Raccoon on 11 Mar 2011 at 11:08 AM
I'm a local resident and am all for this development, I don’t know anyone who is against it or supports the small vocal minority who oppose it. To turn down £1 billion of development in an area that without the oil industry would have nothing would have been volley. Land closer to Aberdeen was deemed appropriate for use as a large land fill site, is that a more appropriate use of coastal land? A large faceless consortium would not have encountered the same opposition and I believe that without Trump as the famous figurehead this development would have passed under the radar with little media coverage or opposition.
Mrs Raccoon
#3 Posted by Mrs Raccoon on 11 Mar 2011 at 12:30 PM
Yes Bert dear, come away in now, the snow's started and your standing there in your pajamas. I've got your favourite, kippers, on.
Alf Ramsay
#4 Posted by Alf Ramsay on 11 Mar 2011 at 14:12 PM
This is my opinion as a local resident.
Lots of English seem to be against this proposal. Michael Forbes is a local embarrassment.
This film looks like the usual disgraceful one-sided arguement. I take it, as usual, there are no pro-trump interviews?
andy mc
#5 Posted by andy mc on 11 Mar 2011 at 15:02 PM
Big business is very wide
Its just still disgusting to see this horror of a man with his CAAASSSHHH calling the shots.
It would take an oil based arrogant culture to run with this.
The directives are there - use Brown Field land for commercial enterprise and make sure something is invested back in.
Golf is a base line relaxation pursuit at best, it can be practiced anywhere. Its a contributor to the numbing down of society. Imagine a Martian sitting looking down at the Earths surface and watching adults in rediculous V neck Jumpers with wooly hats for each of their metal sticks + spending four hours chopping the heads of imported flowers and intermittently pushing wee white balls into holes..
Its mental
I am partial to a couple of hours on the municipal course with my dad .. chewing the fat and reflecting on the week. But my goodness it needs controlled.
We dont need this and we certainly dont need it there.... and with all the proposed exclusivity who will ever get to use it. yyeeuchch
Maybe Aberdeen is missing the subtleties of its own hinterland and nether Culture . Whenever i read anything about it I seathe with rage. I wish my grandfather was alive to comment on its vulgarity.
A golf course in those resplendent ever changing dunes. Did anyone ask the wildflowers and seabirds what they think , they would have more to say than any of the consultants working on it. Be ashamed, be very ashamed.
Aberdeen does not need money or investment it needs some reserved taste and its just painting its own cultural outlook in blatant colors for the world to see. Come buy us , we are cheap + up for grabs.
The only hope is in intelligent principled people like the Vice chancellor taking a stand.
We need to lead less ostentatious lifes and yet we end up paying homage to a man with a private jet. Has he thought what the world will be like if everyone has his idea of what they deserve as one homo sapien.
Picture this - no nature no quiet no trees ... just a whole lot of four by fours screaming around on yet more denuded square meters of the Earths surface. Makes me sick that this is happening in Scotland. But the worst bit of it is , that hes clearly a man with no taste. We are going down and we are going down Ugly style.
I spent last weekend in the shire with some Hard working honest Farmers , ploughing + drilling to feed their livestock. With people that know the land they work ...its history, its hues, its story. At Mennie they are forcibly removing such people, well they were, untill 38 Degrees got on board. Brilliant.
Role on the video - or is he going to pay someone to prevent its release.. hmmm
Bill White
#6 Posted by Bill White on 12 Mar 2011 at 15:35 PM
Your fired.
Windy Miller of Trumpt On
#7 Posted by Windy Miller of Trumpt On on 12 Mar 2011 at 18:38 PM
Alf, Donal' Faursyertroosers Trump has commissioned a movie himself, all about the "wunnerful development of Meenie, home of my ancestorshires." He's said that Gary Busey will play him, and his hair will be played by Bugs Bunny.
I'm looking furrit to viewing such a work of art, ye ken. I'm sure it'll be a balanced and thought provoking discourse on the architectural gem that will be 'Trumpt on Sand Castle'.
But then I could be a meringue.
Hey, nice pyjamas, Bert.
Graham Harris
#8 Posted by Graham Harris on 4 May 2011 at 02:10 AM
George W. Bush, when President of the United States, said "money trump's everything." Sadly, he was right, though no pun intended. Only after we change our collective attitudes, realise that there are some things money can't buy, and refuse to prostitute ourselves, will we see off the likes of Donald Trump and their greed. When we wake up to those realities the world will start to become a better place.

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