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Sighthill tower blocks set for blow down

March 10 2011

Sighthill tower blocks set for blow down
Three landmark tower blocks in the North Sighthill district of Edinburgh are to be flattened over the course of the summer as part of a bid to replace the worst housing stock under the authority’s jurisdiction.

Safedem have been awarded the £780k contract which will pave the way for the next phase of a regeneration project called 21st Century Homes.

Clearance will pave the way for the construction of 320 homes on the site from summer 2012, the first new council homes to be built in the area for a generation.

They will provide a mixture of social and private sector housing for sale and rent.

Image taken by Nick Hubbard


#1 Posted by Maria on 4 Jul 2011 at 21:44 PM
I lived in these flats since i was born and i am sad they are going, i lived in the middle one ( forgot name ) and the house i lived in was creepy, my family and i would always hear creaking on the floor from the next room and the tv and radio would turn on by themselves. I moved two years ago because of demolition plans and i moved to Leishman Tower ( another tower block ) in the north of Falkirk and have had no problems at all. I miss the flat so much and still remember skipping along the path and talking to the alchoholics next door, they were the days.
#2 Posted by Lauren on 4 Jul 2011 at 21:49 PM
Hiya, i lived in that flat aswell, the only creepy thing i expereinced was that the button in the lift pressed by itself

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