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Urban Realm vol.4 content now online

December 7 2010

Urban Realm vol.4 content now online

Missed the last issue of Urban Realm or simply looking out for a digital copy? Fret not, the answer to your quandry lies below...

Top Trump? - Urban Realm travels to Manhattan to get the full lowdown on the Donald's golfing vision.

The Rubble Club - We launch our call for entries for Britain's most explosive architecture award.

The Architecture of Happiness - Urban Realm speaks to writer Alain de Botton to find out how the principles of cheer can be applied to our buildings.

The Midland Hotel - Hemingway recounts how his childhood haunt has risen from the ashes and saved a seaside town in the process.

Grand Designs - Urban Realm pays a visit to Glasgow's reinvigorated Grand Central hotel, does it live up to its grandiloquent title?

Do we need architects - Is there more to unite creative professionals than divide? We speak to designers who've branched out into related fields.

Real Estates -A look behind the scenes at BBC fly on the wall documentary, The Scheme.

V&A At Dundee - The designs may be sublime but was the competition conducted fairly? Urban Realm investigates.

Scotland Vs Sweden - Alistair Scott paints an unflattering comparison between Leith and Hammarsby, where have we gone wrong?


#1 Posted by wang on 8 Dec 2010 at 10:33 AM
do we need architects article - did the staiths project not employ any architects? pretty sure i worked on a couple of building warrant drawings for that one, but i guess a cad monkey working at an architects office doesn't count?!
#2 Posted by oneofmenie on 8 Dec 2010 at 12:23 PM
A piece of biased puff for Trump at Menie; how about an article putting the side of those who don't want to be forcibly removed from their homes for Gareth Hoskins' (a man with no conscience it seems) masterplan, and who are appalled at the way a piece of unspoilt coastline is being damaged for Trump's profits?

As for A+DS encouraging 'a bit of height' on Trump's hotel, is this really the place for an urban tower? How can it justify this?

Tripping Up Trump is more than just a small local protest. That might be how the Trump organisation wants to portray it, but it's far, far bigger than that.
#3 Posted by Whit? on 8 Dec 2010 at 14:09 PM
Trump is now objecting to a windfarm which he says will spoil views from his massive real estate and golf development.

"But last night Mr Trump said he will fight to block the structures, which will stand at between 328ft and 394ft above sea level at low tide.

Mr Trump has criticised the plans in the past, before the turbines were sited farther towards Aberdeen. However, fresh designs – which went out to public consultation last month – have the turbines just over two and a half miles away. “Scotland is one the most beautiful places on earth with a coastline that is recognised around the world as being the best,” Mr Trump said.

“These turbines, if ever built, will in one fell swoop destroy Scotland’s magnificent natural heritage. They are noisy, unsightly and we will oppose the siting of this windfarm vehemently. Every component of our project is based upon sea views and we cannot allow the construction of what is tantamount to 11 65-storey structures off our beautiful coastline.”

Read more:

So spoiling an SSSI (the article above is not the whole story), building a massive development of housing and holiday accommodation (not just the 500 houses mentioned above) and a hotel etc isn't spoiling Scotland's natural heritage?

If the windfarm is built will Mr Trump take his balls and go play elsewhere?

'We cannot allow'? Who is responsible for Scotland's planning system?

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