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Estates Review picks up Rubble Club baton

April 27 2010

Estates Review picks up Rubble Club baton
Industry journal Estates Review has picked up the Rubble Club baton in Urban Realm’s continuing crusade against needless demolition of serviceable properties.

Investigating the continued demolition of structures, often within a mere 25 years of construction the Club asks: “Is this a case of history repeating?”

The Rubble Club said: “Our argument is no mere product of sentimentality, in an age of recycling where homes can have upwards of three separate bins for filtering waste the absurdity of proceeding to throw away the homes the bins sit within reveals the inherent contradiction at the heart of the demolition is best argument.

“That debate may be dressed in the fashionable clothes of ‘sustainability’ and the ‘environment’ but the same flawed results lurk beneath, namely short sighted waste of structurally sound properties for the perceived ease of a clean slate and political grand standing. Politicians love their shiny new builds.”

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SAVE Britain's Heritage
#1 Posted by SAVE Britain's Heritage on 27 Apr 2010 at 18:17 PM has been arguing the case since 1975

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