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Work starts on Amy penned house extension

April 16 2010

Work starts on Amy penned house extension
Architect Craig Amy has commenced construction work on an extension of Newbattle Gardens, a private residence in Dalkeith.

Occupying a triangular corner plot the home benefits from two private gardens, one of which was cut off from the body of the house.

In an attempt to connect these dislocated spaces the owners commissioned Amy to design a garden room adjoining the house to connect with this space.

Providing an expanded family/playroom as an extension to the existing kitchen dining space the annexe provides an ensuite guest bedroom, office space and bay window to the family room.

Clad in Western red Cedar the project is costed at £125k and should be completed by main contractor Inscape Joinery this October.
A bay window draws maximises light in and views out
A bay window draws maximises light in and views out
A combination of horizontal and vertical cladding faces the annexe
A combination of horizontal and vertical cladding faces the annexe


#1 Posted by return on 16 Apr 2010 at 18:23 PM
i dont know if the intenion of urban realm is to intentialnlly be contraversial or not....but at the same time that pleas go out for scottish architecture, and architecture as a whole to be recognised by the wider public, and that contributors to this website bemoan the use of international architects because they feel that scotalnd has enough home grown talent.........YOU PUBLISH THIS.........
i.....but if you are trying to promote the debate (and ultimately) the standard of architecture in scotland.....can you stop publishing projects which have less scope and effort in their presentation than somebody buying an ikea kitchen wardrobe and painting the wal next to it a bright colour.
come on guys........set some standards
#2 Posted by mittens on 16 Apr 2010 at 18:49 PM
Clearly absolutely nothing else happened today.
Bingo Bango
#3 Posted by Bingo Bango on 17 Apr 2010 at 19:05 PM
Reporting of non-stories such as this, added to the god-awful puns that headline almost every article really serve to make this site quite cringe-worthy as a representation of Scottish architectural output.

To clarify, this is not meant to criticise the featured project in any way.
John Glenday
#4 Posted by John Glenday on 18 Apr 2010 at 11:59 AM
Low profile, low budget projects from smaller practices are an important part of what we do - always have been. The issue is one of balance by getting the proportion right with the high profile work. Do we have that perfect? No. Are we working hone it? Yes.

Architectural quality is another issue and in this particular instance I think we have an example of a building type well executed. But even if it were not that is a discussion in itself and something we designed the comments system to accommodate.

As regards headlines these are intended to convey information first and foremost, yes. They are also meant to be fun. Clearly some puns are going to work better in a print format than online and that is something we are conscious of but the site, at heart, is supposed to be enjoyable.

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