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Duany has designs for Fife

February 4 2010

Duany has designs for Fife
It may be landlocked but town planner Andres Duany hopes to bring a touch of the Seaside to Lochgelly.

Next month the American, who designed Floridas Seaside community, will be jetting across to Fife in a bid to revitalise the former mining town.

A government initiative is promoting the construction of 1,750 homes, community facilities and new businesses.

Duany will be in town from March 8-13 to engage with planners, developers and landowners over house designs, road layouts and facilities provision.

Long experience of tackling places devastated by natural disasters should stand Duany in good stead for tackling the economic ills of Lochgelly.

It isn’t the first time the designer has been in the UK having previously worked on pondbury and with plans in progress for Tornagrain near Inverness.

Image taken by Michael Laing


#1 Posted by Mittens on 4 Feb 2010 at 14:14 PM
pondbury? really?
#2 Posted by Anon on 4 Feb 2010 at 14:29 PM
If all this new build is needed (and some think it isn't and that existing communities and towns should be regenerated in other ways than green field build ) then why are those who work in Scotland not being used to masterplan and design? There are surely plenty capable?

It will be new build but designed to look, in a Toytown way, like it's 'traditional'.

Scotland has excellent architects who should be used to build sensitive modern buildings, if it is really necessary to build at all.
You Tube
#3 Posted by You Tube on 4 Feb 2010 at 14:42 PM
Computer generated commentary, with random buzzwords loosely connnected; big on hype, short on ideas?

You tube has details of all this 'exciting' regeneration in Scotland:

The Scottish Government

"Sustainable Communities Initiative - Lochgelly"
#4 Posted by Fifer on 5 Feb 2010 at 15:20 PM
The pits are all closed therefore too many houses & not enough jobs. How will 1750 new houses help? I don't know of any house hunters with a burning desire to stay in Lochgelly. How will they sell?
david steele
#5 Posted by david steele on 18 Feb 2010 at 18:03 PM
I live in Lochgelly the main street is a joke with nought for the kids to do at night the works that are happening are causing chaos and what a waste of money the new statue and benches the kids now have seats to sit on for a drink . Building a new centre for what??? what jobs, green fields what green fields only golf courses here we have tried for over a year here to get playing field for young kids football. So what chance has the rest got think this yank should ask the people of lochgelly about the problems here not the problems given to him by the ones who live outside the town before he gets his paint brush out to paint over the cracks. Just like the last Coalfields regenaration mob did with £20,000 to paint up another drinking spot the royal oak when the kids get nought again Regenaration reguvination all a load of twaddle call it what you like but the youth and kids in this area are the future and no matter what the regeneration/charlet do with bricks and mortar unless they are sorted out and helped with centres and funds for sports groups and teams run by the volunteer army that is trying hard to raise fund to get these kids away from the cross and into sports and the likes the place will still be left behind in the pit era.

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