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Town House hit Chard by Blythswood Square

February 4 2010

Town House hit Chard by Blythswood Square
A three month delay has hit the full opening of Glasgow’s prestigious Blythswood Square Hotel after contractor Chard Construction went bust.

Chard state that a “major dispute” with developer the Town House Company led to cash flow problems, forcing them to instruct workers on site to down tools.

Town House is now in process of appointing a new contractor in the hope remaining work can be completed by May.

It is not the first delay to hit the troubled venture which was initially due to open in September 2008.

Thus far only 24 of the 100 rooms are open and a planned spa remains incomplete.

Designed by Ron Galloway Architects the hotel promises to recall the halcyon days of early motoring, through the buildings role as the old RAC club.

Graven Images are acting as interior designers.


#1 Posted by Emile on 4 Feb 2010 at 12:39 PM
At least there are nice red light fittings in all the windows, a thoughtful design touch which will do wonders to dispel Blythswood Square's reputation as a playground for the children of the night.
#2 Posted by C H on 4 Feb 2010 at 16:59 PM
How obvious was it that with a fairly unviable location (which half of the clients and developers in glasgow looked at and couldnt make it work) that the project would hit money problems.
Chard were never equipped to deal with the complexities of the build and when you look at their cashflow exposure on the Blythswood project and also the illfated Copenhagen building there must be serious questions asked of who is more to blame the directors of Chard for getting heavily involved in two big problematic city centre projects or the representatives for the client in each project for appointing them in the first place. I cant see any recent history of city centre builds and wonder if their was a lack of interest from some of the bigger 'fish' to exercise either of the projects, which owing to their size and locations were always going to be hard.

A sad state of affairs, but for me it has been apparent for a long time with the slow progress on the hotel and copenhagen that the cashflow issue would bite. The revenue of 24 rooms out of the 100 im sure will be poor and no doubt the relevant extension of time claims and counter claims from sub contractors just added to this occuring. Throw in the possible issues with valuation payments and disputes and its a recipe for disaster.

I know that Chard were also converting alot of former Somerfield stores as they did specialise in these type of refurbs, so that probably wont have assisted with trading.

Disappointing, but can only feel a degree of inevitability has been cast over this for some time.
#3 Posted by Jo on 5 Feb 2010 at 11:17 AM
CH, interesting points. Read the Herald article 4th Feb and see if you work out the subtleties of what I think is being discussed towards the end.

As Emilie said, at least the front facade on the square is complete, fed up looking at the derelict building for the last 10 years.

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