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Transport Scotland call for increased rail freight

December 23 2009

Transport Scotland call for increased rail freight
A call has been made for more rail freight to be instated on underused tracks between Perth and Inverness in a bid to ease congestion on the A9, described as Scotland’s most deadly road.

MSP Murdo Fraser raised the prospect in response to Transport Scotland’s consultation paper; “Developing Rail Freight Policy in Scotland”.

The document outlines a pursuit of opportunities to further develop freight carriage by establishing the current freight capacity and potential infrastructure improvements to increase the potential for freight.

It is hoped such moves would limit growth in transport related pollution and improve journey times on key routes.

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#1 Posted by Geoff on 28 Dec 2009 at 14:21 PM
Take more lorryloads off our roads. Living next to the A76, I know that many people would appreciate the idea to be included here. The Parnassus Python takes hundreds of coal lorries off a small section of the A76 every month, saving a lot of wear and tear. If it wasn't for the rail links used by the coal companies the road would be under constant repair.
But what about the truck drivers put out of work?

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