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New station to serve as a full stop for the Levenmouth Rail Project

August 15 2023

New station to serve as a full stop for the Levenmouth Rail Project

Network Rail and contractor Atkins have obtained planning consent from Fife Council to build a stone and corten steel clad station in Leven to terminate the Levenmouth Rail Link.

One of two new stations servicing the line, the other now under construction at Cameron Bridge, the oval pavilion will rise alongside Leven Leisure Centre.

Work to deliver trackside infrastructure associated with the station began in February under permitted development rights, a process which has already delivered the island platforms and a new Bawbee Road bridge.

Joe Mulvenna, programme manager for Network Rail commented: “Securing planning permission for Leven station is another step in the right direction for the project. It takes us closer to getting the full station development built and opened for public use.

“While there are conditions attached to the planning consent, these come as no surprise to us, and we are busy working through these with Fife Council so we can proceed as planned with the work."

Inspired by the pebble beaches of the Fife coast the new station will connect to the town centre via a tree-lined boulevard through a 133-space car park.   

On site works are already well underway
On site works are already well underway
The new station will serve as a stepping stone for onward travel to Edinburgh
The new station will serve as a stepping stone for onward travel to Edinburgh


#1 Posted by Dumbo on 15 Aug 2023 at 12:06 PM
Where is the white elephant enclosure?
#2 Posted by Ham on 16 Aug 2023 at 16:17 PM
#1 In what way is this a white elephant? It’s connecting a large, deprived conurbation (largest urban area in Scotland disconnected from the rail network) to the rest of the country, jobs, opportunities, leisure etc. Rail reopening have shown time and time again to give excellent value for money for taxpayers
#3 Posted by Dumbo on 17 Aug 2023 at 11:22 AM
#2 Ham -
The line only connects to the South - so no way to travel to Perth or Dundee Aberdeen without going to Kirkcaldy first and changing - by which time, a trip to Markinch for a mainline station, less than 5 miles away would be much more efficient.

Myself, My Father and My Grandfather have all lived and commuted out of the area for work, going back to the 1950's when crossing the Forth by ferry boat it was more efficient for my grandfather to drive to work than take the train from Methil or Leven stations.
Into the 90's and my father would again drive out of the area to Edinburgh for work - the road network much more suitable than the railway
Into the 2000's and i found myself in search of work, Edinburgh, Perthshire, Dundee, all by road, for less money and faster commute times.
Talk generations ago was that the A915 Standing Stane road would connect into the A92 at the Redhouse roundabout and the Levenmouth area would be connect to the dual carrageway network - the gateway to the East Neuk - a direct connection of dual carrageway from Leven to London.
When the Energy park opened at Methil, heavy loads could not come by road due to the antiquated link roads - Funding dried up and so did the jobs, office buildings sit empty along with the yards - The rail link will not be used to carry light or heavy freight, the area still relying on the road network for goods.
There was a reason this line was closed, Even when it was still used to transport coal to the powerstation - campainers wanted a station for passengers, but in the 90's it was deemed unecconomic to open, on a functioning line, so why now?
This will be a burden for the tax payer that both of us, and future generations will have to pay for.
Glass half full
#4 Posted by Glass half full on 18 Aug 2023 at 21:28 PM
As one of the lead campaigners, it's true we are disappointed that the promised freight service will not recommence with passenger (but the option remains in future) and the southwards not northward link is not ideal. Regardless, this is the single most catalyst to Levenmouth's regeneration in decades. Why on earth should the largest urban community in Scotland (and one ranked amongst the highest in deprivation) with NO raillink not benefit from increased accessibility. For a community so close to the central belt, it has remained isolated but bringing employment, studies, leisure in the Edinburgh area to within a hour's commute (2 trains per hour direct) opens up new opportunities. If this had not received the go-ahead, the £116 million would NOT be available for alternative investment, such as roads. Most other recent rail projects have significantly exceeded forecasts, no reason why this line can't. Driving into Edinburgh becomes less viable every day
Cashless and Bursting
#5 Posted by Cashless and Bursting on 22 Aug 2023 at 09:02 AM
No manned ticket booth and no public toilet - Nothing says welcome like having to relieve yourself in a bush!
caroline ward
#6 Posted by caroline ward on 14 Jun 2024 at 16:13 PM
why oh why is there no one to help at Leven train station. What poor poor public relations How does someone with a bus pass access the discounted ticket. I am sure a volunteer could raise a welcome and answer questions. I am shocked

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