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Public offered a final say on emerging Buchanan Galleries masterplan

January 12 2023

Public offered a final say on emerging Buchanan Galleries masterplan

Landsec has set the stage for a third round of consultations concerning the redevelopment of the Buchanan Galleries shopping mall, the final such opportunity to do so.

Envisaged as a new city centre neighbourhood the plans focus on extending Sauchiehall Street eastward through the Concert Hall steps, extrapolating the city grid to land north of Queen Street Station. This will maximise shop frontages from just 262m as existing to 655m on a network of new streets as the introverted mall is turned inside out.

The owners will launch their last consultation on 26 January with a series of events, exhibitions and workshops taking place through to 7 February.

Nick Davis, head of retail development at Landsec commented: “This is the final opportunity to share feedback and we are really keen for as many people as possible to input thoughts and ideas. Our vision is to enhance Glasgow’s historic grid layout, introducing vibrant new streets with a mixture of places to work, shop, live, eat and socialise in the heart of the city.”

The design team is led by Foster + Partners in collaboration with Michael Laird Architects, Atelier Ten, Arup and New Practice.

High rise Buchanan Street blocks are planned for the first phase of development
High rise Buchanan Street blocks are planned for the first phase of development
Sauchiehall Street could punch through the mass of the current mall, creating an opportunity for a more accessible Concert Hall entrance
Sauchiehall Street could punch through the mass of the current mall, creating an opportunity for a more accessible Concert Hall entrance


Fat Bloke on Tour
#1 Posted by Fat Bloke on Tour on 12 Jan 2023 at 09:10 AM
White collar feeding frenzy.

Middle class welfare ?!? -- surely no public money involved ... hopefully ever.

Just how many architects do they need?

It would appear that Landsec are trying to compete with their neighbours on the other side of Buchanan Street -- city centre mixed use works if you get the residential part of the mix right.

Envy can be a terrible emotion if allowed to run wild -- GCC beware.
Sue Pearman
#2 Posted by Sue Pearman on 12 Jan 2023 at 10:52 AM
I like that they seem to have done away with the 'bridge' that kills Bath Street but is 17 storeys really the right scale for Buchanan Street?
There is very little information here but they seem to be obfuscating the interface with the concert hall and that crucial node where Sauchiehall meets Buchanan Street.
#3 Posted by Lovely on 12 Jan 2023 at 13:18 PM
Simply loving the 'hand of god' coming in to place some rooftop garden thingies into the plan.

Who said architects are egotistical?

And the best thing is it's presence was probably meant to make the whole megalomaniac presentation more 'human' for us mere mortals.....
#4 Posted by Roddy_ on 12 Jan 2023 at 21:28 PM
A rather bloated and plodding vision for the galleries and another reason to support the notion that Foster+ Partners are rather better architects than masterplanners.

Having followed the earlier consultation, there was a clear consensus from the public that the Concert Hall steps were an important, well-used and multi-functional space that worked because of the site's elevated prospect with the concert hall as foil and backdrop. Cue the next round of 'consultation' with proposals for their removal and replacement in a sub-optimal form that fails to understand anything about why and how the original space works. So much for the listening to folk.

We shall see if Susan Aitken's pledge in 2017 :
“To be 100% clear the City Government will not implement any design that includes demolition of the Buchanan Street steps.” will hold up.

The City Urbanist, too, has been noticeably quiet about this too -which is a wee bit ironic given that it is just the kind of thing that folk would like to hear his opinion on. Having said that, the City Urbanist has no real powers in this or any other planning application. Perhaps any kind of negative comment is prejudicial.

Dundas Street is retained as a service zone with no active frontage and the proposal for a public space over the Queen Street Station air-rights looks like the classic privately-owned, publicly accessible space that is seen in the shopping precincts of Manchester, Liverpool or London.

Both this and the disaggregation of the St Enoch Centre were potentially really exciting, generational opportunites for the City Centre and both have failed to live up to their respective site's local distinctiveness and the prospect of the kind of city centre we'd like to see in the future.

Is the Haymarket masterplan a portent for the Galleries?
#5 Posted by pooka on 13 Jan 2023 at 09:23 AM
'just get more rentable space in' ...who cares's only glasgow
#6 Posted by Billy on 15 Jan 2023 at 09:39 AM
I was never keen on those concert hall stairs or that statue of Donsld Dewar. Connecting Buchanan St with its namesake bus station is logical especially for tourists trying to find it. You would expect Buchanan st bus station to be on Buchanan St or at the head or foot of it...not hidden behind a building with the bus street entrance on another street. Or just rename the bus station. I quite like the proposals as it could move the retail units to street level and fill unoccupied units around the z zone whilst providing other use space at higher levels. But all further expansion of out of town retail parks needs to stop. And there has yo be adequate affordable parking in the city centre. Either that or free public transport. The High st needs a helping hand. Retractable awnings would be beneficial given our climate.

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