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Prestwick Airport expansion to deliver a horizontal launch spaceport

January 17 2022

 Prestwick Airport expansion to deliver a horizontal launch spaceport

South Ayrshire Council has prepared a proposal of application notice (POAN) to expand Prestwick Airport to permit its use as a horizontal launch spaceport.

81.5 hectares of land at East Sanquhar Farm will accommodate a new taxiway, launch facility and services necessary for an aircraft to lift a rocket above the Atlantic Ocean to deploy small satellites into orbit. Infrastructure will also be put in place to conduct microgravity and hypersonic flight services.

Joining more traditional vertical launch infrastructure at Shetland and Sutherland the Prestwick hub is being designed by Norr after £80m of funding was secured by the Ayrshire Growth Deal.

Peter Henderson, leader of South Ayrshire Council, said: "Prestwick Spaceport has achieved another milestone by filing a POAN for its development. This follows on from Prestwick Spaceport securing a launch provider, Astraius, in September last year."

Public consultation opens on 23 February with the hope that the first rocket could be launched by autumn 2023. 


Hats off to Harry Nilsson
#1 Posted by Hats off to Harry Nilsson on 18 Jan 2022 at 11:42 AM
You've got to admire the optimism but this is never going to happen. £80 million of funding does not seem like a good use of taxpayer's money.
#2 Posted by modernish on 18 Jan 2022 at 14:09 PM
chic brodie
#3 Posted by chic brodie on 18 Jan 2022 at 19:25 PM
This sounds a good proposal but suggest the Scottish Govt retain a shareholding interest to recover some of its investment and secure ongoing Govt support for the proposalAlso adds to the current value of MRO Cargo
and other non passenger related activity But positive

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