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'Living in the building' concept aired at Ocean Terminal

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January 11 2022

'Living in the building' concept aired at Ocean Terminal

Crosslane Residential Developments have appointed Hawkins\Brown to deliver serviced residential apartments on a brownfield site off Ocean Drive, Leith.

Billed as a new form of living Ocean Point 2, adjacent to Farrells Ocean Point office block, encourages tenants to use their rooms solely for sleeping in, with a host of communal spaces and facilities offered within the building as part of the all-inclusive monthly rent that covers everything from utilities to gym membership.

Intended to cater for people priced out of the overheating city centre market the concept prioritises community over personal space with a mix of 293 fully furnished studios and apartments offered, 74 of which will be offered for affordable intermediate rent.

Features will include an on-site cinema, shared kitchens and a drawing-room as well as external spaces such as a courtyard and terrace offering expansive views across the Firth of Forth. Study and home working spaces will also be included in the mix.

Crosslane MD Mark Hughes said: "With our new and unique ‘residential serviced living’ concept, we aim to be the leading provider of community living in the UK and Europe.

“This development represents a commitment to provide affordable housing with a full range of shared communal amenities. Our concept of residents sleeping in their rooms and living in the building, will ensure they enjoy a more rewarding, holistic way of life, with improved social, mental and physical health and wellbeing.”

A proposal of application notice has been filed with Edinburgh planners ahead of a public consultation to be held on 10 February.


The Heart of Saturday Night
#1 Posted by The Heart of Saturday Night on 11 Jan 2022 at 12:39 PM
I'm struggling to think of a worse concept.

Capitalism does co-housing...yuck.
#2 Posted by KMCA on 11 Jan 2022 at 13:21 PM
The concept better described as 'a hostel'.
The Bairn
#3 Posted by The Bairn on 11 Jan 2022 at 14:17 PM
When I see the quote 'rooms solely for sleeping in' I sense the concept has not been fully thought out...just call me old fashioned (or traditional) but are we supposed to have a quick shag in the many communal areas including kitchen or Saturday night asignations in the back row of the 'in-house cinema' will become the norm.
Reminds me of the brutal 'love hotels' found in Tokyo or other multi-storey 'coffin hotels' where cash strapped office workers escape to after a hard 12 hour shift.
Maybe the building will have some nice architectural design features when the drawings are submitted for scrutiny. Concept is student housing guff for older non student types.
Jimbob Tanktop
#4 Posted by Jimbob Tanktop on 11 Jan 2022 at 15:20 PM
Rooms 'just for sleeping in'? DElighted to see this concept return. I always felt they were too quick to close down the Bellgrove Hotel in Gallowgate.
Jamie dickson
#5 Posted by Jamie dickson on 11 Jan 2022 at 20:46 PM
Sounds like student flats for those who are no longer students. Nope. Sounds horrible.
#6 Posted by Gordon on 11 Jan 2022 at 23:44 PM
"Intended to cater for people priced out of the overheating city centre.." No small thanks to greedy build to rent developers (and their puppet architects) who charge sky high rents and are in the process creating a new "underclass". Creating bedroom only developments is the next phase of this torrid trend.
Steve Jobs
#7 Posted by Steve Jobs on 12 Jan 2022 at 09:23 AM
#6 I agree that there is a very concerning trend towards build to rent developments in lieu of affordable and private sale, its pretty clear that ‘greedy developers’ will continue to milk this so long as housing demand is high due to the low levels of house building year on year. I think its unfair to take aim at the Architects in this regard, however I do think the RIAS and RIBA amongst others should be lobbying the government to deliver the necessary changes to free up and stimulate the housing market. The status quo is only going to see the housing crisis grow and whilst Architects can provide innovative design solutions we can all also lobby government for real change in this sector. This is a huge time bomb issue that only government can resolve.
#8 Posted by modernish on 12 Jan 2022 at 12:18 PM
I think this concept has been tried and Barlinnie, Saughton and a few other choice developments provided by Her Majesty.
If they want to go the whole hog perhaps they should have communal showers too and strategically places shivs.
Fitz Hat
#9 Posted by Fitz Hat on 12 Jan 2022 at 13:31 PM
Yikes. Are we living in a dystopia?
Sultan of brooneye
#10 Posted by Sultan of brooneye on 13 Jan 2022 at 07:28 AM
I sincerely hope Gen Z and millennials reject this type of proposal. As two generations that have openly talked about their own mental health struggles the premise of only have 12sqm of private space to escape into and then having to share hostel style facilities (however high end) with others will not have a positive impact on many.
JG Bollard
#11 Posted by JG Bollard on 14 Jan 2022 at 09:26 AM
They thrived on the rapid turnover of acquaintances, the lack of involvement with others, and the total self-sufficiency of lives which, needing nothing, were never disappointed.

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