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Scotland & Venice share 10,000 wishes for a better world

November 19 2021

 Scotland & Venice share 10,000 wishes for a better world

The Scotland & Venice Partnership have revealed the wishes, hopes and dreams of 10,000 visitors to the What if...? V&A Dundee exhibition ahead of its closure on Sunday.

Thousands of visitors shared their thoughts for the future by depositing messages in a wishing well calling for improved access to green space, nature and parks; better public transport and a stronger sense of community.

Created by 7N Architects the exhibition was originally destined for the Venice Architecture Biennale but hastily relocated to Dundee at the onset of the pandemic to prioritise a more local agenda and re-engage design professionals with the communities they serve.

Popular responses ranged from more green space (as cited by 29% of respondents) to improved transport (11%), better amenities (10%), a stronger sense of community (8%) and more opportunities for active travel (7%).

Jim MacDonald, chief executive of Architecture and Design Scotland said: “What if…?/ Scotland gave voice to many citizens from across the country, and the exhibition is particularly powerful because it shows the impact of designers, architects and citizens coming together around a wish, a hope or a dream for a place showing how crucial it is that we put people at the heart of our places."

Following the What if...? exhibition the V&A Dundee has announced that it will join the Scotland & Venice Partnership to promote artists and architects on the world stage, beginning with a return to Italy next year with a solo exhibition of new work by the artist Alberta Whittle. 


#1 Posted by John on 20 Nov 2021 at 10:39 AM
I can’t roll my eyes enough to convey how cringeworthy this is.

You’d have been better taking the silly little notes and burning them. At least then there would have been a small fire capable of warming a few real life people, which would have been of some limited benefit.

The rest is just ego.
Steve Jobs
#2 Posted by Steve Jobs on 22 Nov 2021 at 14:30 PM
What if....?
What a waste of time!
No wonder the profession is no longer taken seriously.

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