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Baillieston build offers modern tenement accommodation

September 23 2021

Baillieston build offers modern tenement accommodation

A former police station in Baillieston has been transformed with the provision of 37 affordable homes by the Wheatley Group.

The property management giant delivered the one and two-bedroom mid-market rent homes at 26 Main Street with contractor McTaggart, including several wheelchair adapted properties.

Designed by Mast Architects the common close flats are built using a traditional masonry ground floor and three-storey timber frame sheathed in facing brick.

The architects wrote: "The built form seeks to provide a modern interpretation of Glasgow tenements to provide the proportion and massing seen across the city. The design incorporates a balanced approach to openings within brickwork utilising the proportions intrinsic to the Glasgow tenement.

"Brickwork coursing provides an interpretation of the stone detailing and feature details around close entrances. The window fenestrations have been subdivided to create bay windows."

The development was made possible by £2.9 million of grant funding from Glasgow City Council’s Affordable Housing Supply Programme. 

A former police station was demolished to make way for the new homes
A former police station was demolished to make way for the new homes


Robin B's Discount
#1 Posted by Robin B's Discount on 23 Sep 2021 at 15:14 PM
Goodness gracious me, I had assumed that this project was a refurb of the existing police station until I saw the second photo.

I get that it is affordable homes, and the aim of the game is to get as many built within a budget......but that does not look great.
Finlay George McCallum
#2 Posted by Finlay George McCallum on 25 Sep 2021 at 10:58 AM
no street view ?

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