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Ruined Moray bothy to rise again as holiday accommodation

September 8 2021

Ruined Moray bothy to rise again as holiday accommodation

A disused Moray bothy is to be transformed into a holiday home by Colin Armstrong Architects to meet the growing demand for tourism accommodation in the area.

Millie Bothy stands approximately 75m from Roseisle Beach in a coniferous forest plantation and is currently in a state of ruin.

Plans call for the sustainable reuse of the remaining northeast facing gable of the unlisted mid-1800s structure with an infill new build structure rising within the existing 28sq/m internal footprint.

In a planning statement, the applicant said: "Rather than creating a pastiche replica of the collapsed walls however, it is proposed to use red corrugated metal cladding on the new walls and roof, and timber for windows and 6 doors, with these materials having been chosen to complement the existing stone and reflect the rural context in which the building is located."

This will permit an open plan kitchen and living area to be created complete with a single bedroom and shower room with a mezzanine level providing scope for additional sleeping space.

The bothy stands in an advanced state of ruin
The bothy stands in an advanced state of ruin


Hair For Men
#1 Posted by Hair For Men on 8 Sep 2021 at 16:57 PM
"Rather than celebrate any of the character of the remaining structure we are simply going to overclad the whole thing because it takes far less brain power and effort"
Finlay McCallum
#2 Posted by Finlay McCallum on 8 Sep 2021 at 21:19 PM
as if the highlands requires any more holiday accommodation
rm kartoffel
#3 Posted by rm kartoffel on 8 Sep 2021 at 22:42 PM
no it wont. there was a mass campaign against this last time around and there will be again. this is a place to walk in peace, not a commercial site to be ruined by tourists. any attempt to turn this natural area into a holiday destination will be met with furious direct action.
Fitz Hat
#4 Posted by Fitz Hat on 10 Sep 2021 at 12:28 PM
@rm kartoffel: I'm pretty sure a "coniferous forest plantation" is a "commercial site".
Nairn's Bairn
#5 Posted by Nairn's Bairn on 10 Sep 2021 at 17:56 PM
Great 360 aerial view of the site in Streetview:,-3.4967592,3a,90y,43.29h,69.16t/data=!3m8!1e1!3m6!1sAF1QipNAqXhoSvxQthP86SUEdNAhE_s-QTQVds8qWzz2!2e10!3e11!!7i8192!8i4096

Fabulous site; building dutifully in line with the zeitgeist. Meh.

I kind of agree with the objectors, surely there must be some locations that can be left free from the self-catering plague.

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