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Co-living demand on the rise in Leith

February 25 2021

Co-living demand on the rise in Leith

Union Property Services are proposing the complete redevelopment of an outdated office block at 1 Rennie's Isle to allow for a high-density mixed-use replacement.

Rising on the same footprint as the current build the goal is to establish a 'significant local landmark' to serve as a backdrop for a historic Victoria Swing Bridge and complement other proposed towers at Skyliner and Ocean Terminal.

Housing a mix of apartments the car-free design is being led by Sheppard Robson and will incorporate a range of social and commercial spaces such as ground-floor co-working units, a shared 'artisan workspace' and communal social spaces.

Demolition of the existing office block won't commence for six months at the earliest with the construction process itself taking around 18 months to complete.

A virtual consultation will be held between 15 March and 26 May at which the proposals will be revealed in more detail.

Work could commence as soon as a demolition and building warrant is in place
Work could commence as soon as a demolition and building warrant is in place


#1 Posted by T-Rex on 25 Feb 2021 at 11:07 AM
Scheme looks good, I wonder if it will be rejected because some random Councillors with no training in urban design don't like high-density.

"Wi oor nae Hoang Hoang, wae dinnae nead beig toowers"

#2 Posted by Daniel on 26 Feb 2021 at 08:39 AM
A car-free, high-density development springing up near a new tram line?

Lovely, lovely stuff.
#3 Posted by MV on 26 Feb 2021 at 09:35 AM
Are the 80's back in fashion??
Seafood lover
#4 Posted by Seafood lover on 26 Feb 2021 at 11:44 AM
Great idea to repurpose a rather tired looking building. Appears in keeping with other recent developments, I hope it secures permission from the powers that be!
Steve Scott
#5 Posted by Steve Scott on 26 Feb 2021 at 12:35 PM
Already parking problems there, how will the developers gaurantee that the problem won't be exacerbated?
James Scanlon
#6 Posted by James Scanlon on 26 Feb 2021 at 19:47 PM
Terrible design with lack of vision in the historic dock area. It could be so much better but obviously some'architect' must have got a sketchograph for their Christmas
#7 Posted by urban_designer on 1 Mar 2021 at 14:16 PM
Love it! Another tasteful addition to Leith's skyline, well done to all involved
#8 Posted by Derek on 11 Mar 2021 at 11:26 AM
Looks fantastic... hopefully the "powers that be" allow this scheme to go ahead, it's exactly what Leith needs

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