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Modular build to meet Aberdeen nursery commitment

February 16 2021

Modular build to meet Aberdeen nursery commitment

Halliday Fraser Munro architects are in the driving seat for a modular nursery within the grounds of Kirkhill Primary School, Aberdeen.

Located in the Kincorth area of the city the new classrooms will rise alongside Arbroath Way and are being delivered as part of a broader expansion of early learning and childcare services.

In common with other local authorities, Aberdeen is required to deliver 1,140 hours of care by August, almost double the current level of provision.

To meet this need the council is embarking on the rapid rollout of new nurseries in a £23m building programme which includes two outdoor learning facilities at Hazlehead Park and Duffy Park.

The plans supersede an earlier application for a traditional build


#1 Posted by MV on 16 Feb 2021 at 16:52 PM
You wanted to say “designed”, but sticking a pergola in front of a portacabin isn’t design, is it? I get the whole immediacy of the nursery expansion plans in Scotland, but this is an absolute shocker.
Damp Proof Membrane
#2 Posted by Damp Proof Membrane on 17 Feb 2021 at 09:23 AM
Looking at the superseded application it's a classic example of using the word 'traditional' when a better description is 'poorly designed proposal'.
I think you will find...
#3 Posted by I think you will find... on 17 Feb 2021 at 12:54 PM
Not to be a pedant but its Duthie Park, not Duffy. One is a Victorian benefactor, the other is a welsh singer! :)
Randall Sloan
#4 Posted by Randall Sloan on 17 Feb 2021 at 14:48 PM
For the love of... Who keeps letting HFM do this Aberdeen, like can someone pls send them help or do something about this, its almost criminal

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