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Pentlands petrol station to fill up for the final time

August 6 2020

Pentlands petrol station to fill up for the final time

A former petrol station on Biggar Road, Midlothian, could play host to an apartment block under freshly filed plans from Gilberts Architects and CM Roofing and Building.

Having ceased trading some two decades ago the site is now in use as a car wash but has long been subject to more concrete plans, notably a 2009 hotel consent to capitalise on proximity to the Pentlands Regional Park.

The latest approach shifts tack in a post-pandemic world to provide 14 flats alongside two terraced houses, largely replicating the footprint and massing of this prior approval.

In a statement, the applicant wrote: "Material circumstances beyond the control of the landowner have frustrated the implementation of alternative consented schemes for nearly 15 years.

"National conditions suggest that a further lengthy indeterminate period of financial instability will continue to prevent the funding of a hotel on this site.

"The adoption of an appropriate residential redevelopment for this troubled site would, at the very least, represent a significant visual improvement."

All homes will share a combination of private gardens, balconies and terraces with communal grounds with exterior walls finished in ashlar stone.

The initiative follows last week's confirmation that a phased hotel and residential development close by will still proceed. 

Twin glass-fronted penthouse apartments will sit on top
Twin glass-fronted penthouse apartments will sit on top


#1 Posted by Inahuf on 6 Aug 2020 at 09:53 AM
Given the housing block will be fronted by a shedload of parking I can’t see it’ll be any visual improvement over existing. It’s just replacing those trees with a pretty boring building full of folk who can’t open a window due to noise and (till were fully electric) fumes! Wrong use wrong place.
Randall Sloan
#2 Posted by Randall Sloan on 6 Aug 2020 at 11:09 AM
Personally I think the ruins of the gas station looks better...a monument to the scarring inflicted on the earth by mankind. Although I guess they will argue that is what the proposed would do just as well.
#3 Posted by Cadmonkey on 7 Aug 2020 at 09:30 AM
I object.
Where will I buy my Christmas Tree?
#4 Posted by StyleCouncil on 9 Aug 2020 at 07:17 AM
Great effort Gilberts, both with the design and drawing....

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