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Edinburgh Council on board with Granton Gasworks station restoration

July 9 2020

Edinburgh Council on board with Granton Gasworks station restoration

The B-listed Granton Gasworks railway station is to be brought back to life as business space under proposals led by the City of Edinburgh Council as part of the Granton Waterfront masterplan.

ADP Architects have been instructed to lead this transformation, facilitated through the removal of staircases and infill masonry to expose original window openings.

In a statement, the practice wrote: "Externally, much of the original character of the building remains while internally, though decoratively in a state of disrepair also remain largely intact.

"It is our intention to remove later additions and replace them with bespoke glazing and new fire exits designed to emphasise transparency with over-sized glazing over the track area and employing deep reveals and dark grey framing to read as ‘void’ and aid the historical reading of the building."

Internally original glazed brick will be left exposed where possible with new insulation introduced to aid thermal performance, with a new steel staircase also introduced which will pernit access from grade level.

Currently languishing in an isolated no-man's land it is eventually proposed to have the station building serve as the heart of the waterfront as focal point of the New Station Yard public space.


Bill S
#1 Posted by Bill S on 9 Jul 2020 at 16:01 PM
This is a great project to go ahead as it's a stunning building that is completely under utilised. Glad it is being retained as part of a wider regeneration. Would be even better if the main stairs, both external and internal could be incorporated into the designs instead of a piddly off centre new one.
Craig Sanderson
#2 Posted by Craig Sanderson on 8 Dec 2020 at 14:53 PM
Great to see this building being preserved and re-utilised.
Don't suppose you know what happened to the magnificent boardroom table that used to be there? Thanks and regards.

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